Foreign guests were happy to see the performance of Rai dance on the eve of farewell

In order to make the foreign delegates aware of the culture and dance of Bundelkhand, who came to the G-20 summit, on Friday night, Brajbhan Singh Narvariya and his team from Sagar presented Rai dance. The foreign guests were mesmerized by this presentation. He not only posed for a group photo with the members of the Rai dance team, but also demonstrated the rotation of the plate with one finger and the rotation of the wheel by himself. Due to this honour, the soulful happiness of the foreign delegates was created just by looking at the bell before parting.

Saplings were planted to preserve the memory of the honor given in Khajuraho

The foreign guests who came to participate in the G-20 summit in Khajuraho expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the respect done according to the tradition of Bundelkhand and Indian culture and to cherish the memory of the honor given and extend the Ankur campaign of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. To give shape, planted saplings at Namo Children Park Khajuraho on Saturday. Member of Parliament Shri V.D. Sharma and public representatives also planted saplings at Namo Children’s Park.

Holy Gita dedicated to the salvation of mankind, presented to the guests

The holy Bhagavad Gita dedicated to the upliftment of the entire mankind was presented as a parting gift to the foreign guests who came to the G-20 summit held in Khajuraho. The Indian mantra of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” one earth, one family and future has been conveyed to the world by presenting Gita through G-20 countries. MP Khajuraho Shri V.D. While presenting the Gita to the delegates, Sharma also gave bouquets. The foreign delegates were pleased to understand the meaning of the Gita.

Students bid farewell by showering flowers at the airport

When the delegates of the G-20 Summit reached Khajuraho airport, the students showered flowers and gave them an emotional farewell. The delegates were also spiritually happy with the farewell honour. The aura of his face increased further. The delegates expressed gratitude to the district administration, public representatives and senior officials, common people and business establishments for the spiritual respect given in Khajuraho.

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