Former Chhattisgarh minister Chinmyanand alleges Ajit Jogi of funding Naxals

Former Chhattisgarh minister and BJP leader alleged that the former Chief Minister cum veteran Congress leader Ajit Jogi is a patron of Naxals.
Notably, after the suspension of his Amit Jogi from the party over the audio-tape controversy in connection with Anatagarh bypolls, Ajit Jogi is facing stiff opposition within the Party, and fighting for his political survival.
Former Chhattisgarh minister Chinmyanand alleges Ajit Jogi of funding Naxals
Attacking Ajit Jogi, Union Ex-Minister of Home Affairs(States) Swami Chinmyanand told media at Circuit House Raipur that he is patron of Naxals. During the period of his governance in Chhattisgarh, Naxals were provided full support. It is the time when Maoists agenda get full opportunity to spew venom of naxalism in young minds of Chhattisgarh, for which the state is paying a heavy price.
Chinmayanand also alleged that large numbers of tribals embraced Christianity under Jogi’s rule. If his government continued, then, in Chhattisgarh Hindus might have come into minority, he added.
Being very critical towards Ajit Joig, Chinmayanand also alleged that no doubt that the man remained continuously involved in anti-nation activity since he sworn as Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh.
Thus, if the man was alleged of Antagarh by-polls horse trading case, then people should not trust him as his involvement cannot be ruled out.
Former Home Minister sharing his experiences with media said, the man had already kidnapped his 23 MLAs, and if Vajpayee Government was not in power at Centre at that time then they have already lost this state.
He also alleged that Jogi may have some role in Jiram Valley massacre.
Rubbishing allegations leveled by Chinmayanand, former Chief minister has said that he will file suit against the BJP leader.
He said all the allegations leveled against him are baseless.