From ‘tadi’ to beer, this MP village is addicted to liquor

It may sound bizarre, that tribals in Madhya Pradesh’s Alirajpur can kill each other for not getting an invitation for beer party.

They are addicted to beer and believe that local drinks do not give them the kick.
According to a report in TOI, tribal belt of Alirajpur and Jhabua consume much more liquor than Indore and are known for guzzling country liquor.

Deputy commissioner (excise) Vinod Raghuvanshi quoted as saying “there was a shift from mahua and taddi to beer. This calls for a social study to know the changing tastes of tribals”.

Interestingly, tribal women here have a different style of drinking beer and they use their palms to consume it.
Women could be easily seen drinking beer from their palms during the annual Bhagoria festival, said a villager.