Global South countries will resolve environmental challenges

Climate change and imbalances in the world are the ironies that stem from development. Despite the negligible contribution of Global South countries in this imbalance, significant efforts are being made by them to deal with these challenges. Presiding over the “Round Table on Global South and Global Governance for LiFE” session on the last day of G-20’s special Think 20 event, Moderator and Vice Chancellor of Rishihood University, Sonepat, Prof. Shobhit Mathur said that the Global South is the voice of India and the priorities of the Global South are thepriorities of India. There should be such simple, straightforward criteria for environmental-friendly lifestyle, moral values, propitious global good governance that can bring positive changes in our society.

The panelists included Dr. Fahmida Khatun, Executive Director, Centerfor Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh; Senior Investigator, National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, Argentina, Dr. Gladys Lechini; Director, Foreign Policy and International Development Cooperation, Indonesia, Dr. Wisnu Utomo and Lead Coordinator, Policy Bridge Tank Programme, South Africa,Sushri Pamela Gopaul.

Dr. Khatun said that the issues of governance have become very importent due to the cooperation and coordination among nations. The varying aspirations of all nations often pose a challengefor consensus. There is a need to pay attention to it to deal with the environmental challenges. An efficient environmental governance system incorporates local communities and encourages agreements among all stakeholders.

Dr. Gladys Lechini said that mainstream American principles have influenced Latin American thought and development policies primarily because of funding. The need of the hour today is to build the voice of the local and southern nations that prioritises local knowledge to address local challenges. He said that G-20 is a multilateral forum which works towards this direction. We have to move towards solutions using tools like IPSA. We want to create a leadership that also believes in sustainable production and consumption.

Dr. Pamela Gopaul said that it is important to use existing knowledge systems to provide advisory services to the government. We also need to act as a facilitator in the process keeping an eye on financial constraints. Africa is playing its part as an assertive and responsible voice on global issues. Along with this, it also aspires to be an active participant in global development processes. Africa with a population of 1.4 billion accounts for only 3 percent of global carbon emissions. The G-20 is an important forum for active engagement. India through its presidency should restore its position in global ethics and morals.

Speaking on the change in lifestyle after the Corona pandemic, Dr. Wisnu Utomo said that it has affected the global economic growth. Climate change and environmental imbalance have also increased in the last 20 years. Our policies should be formulated incorporating resolutions and preparedness. Nations should come together to find solutions to all the burning issues of the world. Responsible lifestyle towards environmental protection should be encouraged.

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