Gov-Express will run after Shiv Sena government

Sagar: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has announced to run the Gao-express now after the Gauh Ministry. The Chief Minister says that Gau-Express will be run in Madhya Pradesh for the treatment of ill-gaon. A few days ago, Shivraj Singh had also told about the formation of a cow mint.

The Chief Minister had said that now no ministry of boards will be formed for cows. Wherever the land is available in the entire state, cow sanctuary and gaushalas will be made. While addressing a public meeting in Sagar during Jan Bhawan Yatra, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that the welfare of Gau Mata and Govans will be done. Society also needs cooperation for this work. In the meantime, on the other demands of the people, he asked the people whether they will stay in power or not. If the people answered in Yes, CM said that all your demands will be fulfilled.

During this visit, Shivraj Singh Chauhan reminded the Congress about the reign of Digvijay Singh, and said that everyone knows how the irrigation road and electricity was earlier. Apart from this, Shivraj announced a new scheme for the farmers and said that now Soybean will be given a bonus of 500 rupees to farmers.