Gurudev Gupt square design in limbo

BHOPAL: A year ago or thereabouts, a proposal was sent back to the civic body by making suitable changes about Gurudev Gupt Square — one of the busiest places in the state capital.
Bhopal traffic police and traffic expert sat together, spent a fairly good time on the traffic management design of the square. After pointing out flaws in the design to ease traffic bottlenecks, it was given back to the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) for action. The cost of their proposed project was pegged at Rs 60 lakh. A year has passed and still the work has not taken off.
Ex-traffic ASP Sameer Yadav said, “The BMC had proposed a traffic management design for the square around a year ago for approval. When we went through it, several faults were noticed. Instead of smoothening traffic movement, the project made it more complex.”
In order to make it useful, traffic police along with traffic and transportation engineering consultant Siddhartha Rokade proposed a design which is still with them and they have not taken any action in it.

Yadav said, “The BMC had reduced the size of rotary at the Board Office square and removed one near Shaurya Smarak. but left this one, which was most important. Developing one square and leaving another puts great traffic burden on the other square.” He claimed, “Even at Vallabh Bhawan rotary, the civic body failed to make traffic lights functional.”
Yadav said, “In the redesign work, we suggested to first remove a small garden they made in front of hotel Arch Manor and remove a public toilet at the corner of MP Zone I area.” He said, “Then the bridge that is constructed a cement hump over sewage network at MP Nagar zone I area should be widened so that the traffic that comes from Meda Mill area can easily go towards MP Nagar without getting stuck in the traffic.” “We suggested shifting the statue of Gurudev Gupt to a corner and install traffic lights in the area,” Yadav said.
He said, “Height of a divider in front of prominent mall should be increased so that no one can walk on it . This will regulate traffic in a better manner. Also, a subway should be constructed from the mall towards MP Nagar Zone I area.” The square near Makhanlal University can be designed to lessen traffic load on Gurudev Gupt Square.
Disappointed over an inaction, Yadav said the design can improve traffic movement in the area. And for that to happen, the BMC should show interest in it. BMC PRO Harish Gupta refused to accept the fact, he said, “The road comes under the PWD. We have no idea about it.”