Gyan Katta- An online support for students preparing for competitive exams

Gyan Katta-an online portal started by subject experts, academicians and scientists in Madhya Pradesh has uploaded around 15,000 questions on the portal so as to help out students preparing for competitive exams.
Those preparing for various competitive exams could take online tests for gauging their level of preparations. If they have unanswered queries, they could seek help from the experts and fellow students online.
Some senior faculty members have devised a multi-seating computer system which enables a bunch of users to prepare collectively. This system enables around 12 students to study in group and helps in saving study cost, maintenance and electricity.
The useful portal offers content for almost every competitive exam. Hundreds of questions remain available for any given subject and for any wrong answer offered by the student, expert remain available online for help. The portal alters set of question on every Sunday.
After the online test, the experts offer the online scores.
This Sunday, around 15,000 questions were uploaded on the portal.
The online tests is conducted on the lines of classroom tests. After the test, the students are also told about their mistakes and correct answers.
“Base for Gyan Katta was established in the year 2006 with automated self-evaluating online quizzes for students. Several well known professors and educationists around India contributed questions, answers and their explanations to help Gyan Katta evolve into a larger educational System.
Time strengthens our commitment to the highest-quality academic experience for online students. We have pioneered in the online quizzes, making sure every course meets the highest academic standards, with best possible student support and comprehensive instructions,” a statement from the portal said.