HC asked the government to calculate the expenditure incurred on Jana Biswas

Gwalior: The High Court has asked for the amount of expenditure for the Janarashirvad Yatra which was taken by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh for the blessings of the public in view of assembly elections. The petitioner advocate Umesh Bohr said in the High Court on Tuesday that for the said trip, two crore rupees have been spent in every district for the promotion of BJP. While keeping the side, the governor said that no such amount has been spent. Bohra said that we have presented evidence before the High Court, from which it is clear that the government has incurred the expenditure of public tourism in every district. The High Court has sought a response from the government in this matter. It will be heard two days later. It is worth mentioning that the petition was filed by Bohra and it was said that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has been extending the crores of rupees by the government. This amount should have been spent in the public interest.