Home-stay operators seek guidance from experts : MP Tourism

The two-day seminar, organized with the aim of giving maximum publicity to the home-stay operators of the state and making them aware of the new dimensions of marketing, concluded on Monday in M.P. 

the seminar was held at the MP Water and Land Management Institute Bhopal. 

In the seminar organized in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, experts from within India and abroad guided the operators regarding promotion, pricing and digital marketing of home-stays.

The chief guest in the seminar, Harold Goodwin, Founding Director, International Center for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) said the concept of rural tourism and home-stays provide the most authentic and memorable experiences. 

He said that these home-stays and local cuisine provide first-hand experience to the tourists. Rural areas need to be developed as better places to live and visit. Home-stays provide an opportunity to tourists to be close to nature. They also inform about our culture.

The seminar was attended by Mr. Richard Hearn (Rural and Responsible Tourism Consultant), Manisha Pandey (Director, ICRT India Chapter), PP Khanna, National Head of ADTOI, Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Principal, IHM Bhopal and M.P. Director of Tourism Board Skill Department Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh was present. 

Local cuisine leads to increase in tourism

A seminar on Responsible Tourism – Responsible Food was held at the Indian Institute of Hotel Management (IHM). In the seminar, experts presented their views with the aim of promoting local cuisine. 

Goodwin of ICRT highlighted the importance of dining experience in the context of developing tourism in rural areas. 

He said that these local food items provide a new experience to the tourists, which can only be prepared by the local people. 

He said that quality food experience is the most cost-effective form of marketing, which can serve as a business advantage for rural tourism.

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