I will make it difficult to run the government if I close the Sambalal scheme: Shivraj Singh

Bhopal. You must be thinking that the election is still lost and it has come again, but we do not make any difference to the election results. This government is also engaged. The legislators are threatening that the minister will not be made if the minister is not created. If we had to build a government on the crutch, we would have even made it. First we used to work with strength. Now the fight will work. It will be difficult to run the government if it is closed.

This was stated by former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan in a dialogue program in Bhim Nagar in front of Vallabh Bhawan on Thursday. The program was organized to discuss the present situation of public welfare schemes for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Chauhan told the open forum that in the BJP government many schemes were brought to the ground for the benefit of the poor, but the Congress government’s policy was bad about these schemes. He said that my photos were printed in Sambal’s card. For this reason the cards are being withdrawn from the people.

Janajagrana campaign to run in the state

On the Sambalal plan, Shivraj said that the Janajagran Abhiyan has been launched from Basti in front of Ballabh Bhawan. He announced that the campaign will be run in the entire state to save this scheme. After this, a movement will be launched against the government’s anti-government decisions by running a signature campaign. They talked about making a big movement soon in the state.

Make a team in every settlement, then cut the wire and then join

Chauhan said that in the Sambalal scheme a provision of 200 rupees electricity bill was made. On the other hand, the Congress government has said in half of the bill of electricity in its own letter. Do not give more than one rupee more than Rs. 100 If you want to add a power wire cut, but do not be scared. Save the schemes They called for preparing the team at the settlement level.

He said that the Congress government does not have money for the poor. Therefore, the government’s policy is bad for women welfare schemes like Ladli Laxmi Yojana, Virgo Marriage, Tirtha Darshan, Sambal Yojana. He said that from the day since the government has changed, it is not a day to sit still. I am also the master of the fight, the Congress could not take the training in 15 years as well.

Government is engaged in the Adjustment

Chauhan pointed out the government about the transfers of the officers in the state. He said that Congressmen are not concerned about the public. For this reason, due to transferable transfer tax is being done. Be it a minister, be an officer, or porters of departments, they have the focus only in keeping-deletion. It does not even understand who is running the government. I request someone to answer and give someone else.

These demands will be the agitation

By the year 2022, people should make permanent houses only at the present location.

– Continue the scheme of free education for the poor children from KG to PG.

Providing free treatment facilities to the poor.

– Continuing financial assistance to the family of Rs. 12 thousand rupees before the child’s birth 4 and later.

– Continue to give Rs 51 thousand in marriage under Kanyadan Yojana.

– 2 lakh on normal death, 5 lakh in accidents and 5 thousand for last rites.