Important meeting of Shivraj cabinet today, will look at these important issues of the state

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh’s Shivraj Sarkar is going to meet the cabinet meeting on Saturday at around 4 pm. This meeting is considered to be very important for the state. This meeting is being considered as important because in the coming days assembly elections will be held in the state. In such a situation, code of conduct is going to take place throughout the state. In such a situation, the government believes that, the proposals that will be stamped, can be availed at the time of voting. Around 44 important proposals are expected to get green signal in the meeting. Apart from this, many policy decisions will also be taken. Implementation in the state of Ayushman Bharat Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana Nirayam may be approved in the Cabinet meeting. Apart from this, there are several such cases which can get cabinet approval. Let us know, what proposals can be stamped on the cabinet today.

These proposals have stamped estimates

Under the Bharat-Mala project of the Central Government, approval for construction of Bhopal-Indore 6-lane access control Green Field Expressway and service lane along with the proposed Bhopal-Bypass can be approved.

-Bhopal-Indore Express will connect Jabalpur with Kandla, Ahmedabad, Godhra, Dahod, Indore, Dewas, Bhopal. It has to be made an economic corridor.

Students of SC may get approval for hostel Excellence Award scheme for continuous year 2019-20.

– Cabinet approval for 126 sentinel positions and 126 technical supervisors for video conferencing between the court and the court.

– The proposal for making a new district of Niwadi can also be kept as a x agenda in the cabinet.

For the establishment of AMEs, free land allotment in Village Chikod Art Tehsil Goharganj may also be stamped.

Issue of free 25 acres of land on Sihor Road for National Mental Health Rehabilitation Center will also come in the Cabinet.

For the efficient management of the land records, the Shivraj cabinet can get the green signal for the proposal to technically strengthen the Madhya Pradesh Geo Records Management Society.

-The decision can be taken in the Shivraj cabinet regarding the use of Naphtha produced by India-Oman Refinery Limited Bina District Sea.

In this, new ITIs will be opened in Bhind and Katni along with opening of new engineering colleges in Panna and Raisen.

-Bhopal bypass and service lane can get Cabinet approval for construction under Bharatmala project.

-Circussions of Shivraj cabinet may be stamped to fulfill CM’s announcements related to urban bodies.

In the big cities of the state, the decision regarding the operation of the Hub and SPOK model-based bus service can also be decided in the Shivraj cabinet.

-The 8 irrigation projects of the Water Resources Department can get administrative approval.

-The admission of Shivraj cabinet may be approved for the backward class students to open the hostel at block level.

-Shivraj cabinet can take a decision regarding the discount for start up under the Chief Minister’s Youth Enterprise Scheme.