In Madhya Pradesh, students of government schools will wear ‘jacket’ instead of dupatta

Bhopal. Students from Government schools of Madhya Pradesh will now be seen in new college. For this, the uniform and color of the uniform is being changed. For girls from class 9th to 12th, jackets instead of scarf and tuning for girls from class I to 8th will now also be laggings with shirts. The uniform color of the students will be changed. State education center has sent a proposal to the government in this regard, which will be decided soon. However, after the school opens, the department has missed the change in uniform. New uniform delivery will be done from this session.

Now for two uniforms, 600 rupees

For the quality of the uniform of the schools, the amount has also been increased from Rs 400 to Rs 600. After approval from the government, the sewing work of uniform will be started. The responsibility of sewing uniforms has been given to the Department of Social Welfare. Department will do this work through self-service institutions.

Work will be run from the old uniform now

The government had announced the uniforms stitched to students of government schools. After the announcement of the CM, sewing of uniforms by the school education department is being done through self-help organizations. Due to the sluggish attitude of officials, this work has not been completed yet, in this case the students will have to work only with the old uniform at the moment. It is worth mentioning that for the students of the entire state, 70 lakh units have to be prepared.

Uniform will be distributed to the second week of August. The design of uniform format is being changed.

Proposal for change in uniform has been sent to the government. Will be implemented as soon as we get permission from it.