Indian Administrative Service is a powerful medium for development and public welfare – MP CM Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the Indian Administrative Service provides an opportunity to the individuals for the development of the society, the country and the state and for public welfare. Here we get an opportunity to grow and serve with our vision. The officers of the Indian Administrative Service are expected to be transparent, full of technical understanding, have a creative approach, imaginative and innovative. It is also necessary that they should be proactive, polite, professionally efficient, progressive, competent and energetic. With all this it is necessary that the officers should be sensitive.

Chief Minister Chouhan inspired the officers to serve the public with a unique work and dedication, the lines of poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar “Marnoparant jeene ki hai yadi chaah tujhe, to sun, batlata hun mai seedhi si raah tujhe. Likh aisi koi cheez ki duniya dol uthe, ya kar kuchh aisa kaam, jamana bol uthe” (If you want to live after death, then listen, I will show you the straight path. Write something like this that may shake the world, or do something in such a way that the world praise spontenously”). Chief Minister Chouhan was addressing the inauguration ceremony of the IAS Service Meet 2023 at the Academy of Administration. The meet will continue till January 22.

You’re not my team, you’re a family member

While addressing the service meet organized by the IAS Officers’ Association, Chief Minister Chouhan said that you are not my team but a family member. We are all working towards same mission and goal. The challenges and difficulties under which we worked during the difficult times of Covid is unimaginable. Many officers handled the arrangements even after being affected by Covid and paved the way for freeing the state from Covid crisis with the culmination of innovation and hard work with public cooperation. Basic facilities were also provided to the labourers who came from other states in our state. Chief Minister Chouhan lavishly praised Team Madhya Pradesh and said that the state has introduced the best Covid management.

State’s development journey has been amazing

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the development journey of the state has been amazing. We were a Bimaru state, but now we have made unprecedented achievements in per capita income, GSDP, revenue collection, expansion of irrigation potential, wheat production and solar energy. In the field of good governance, the state has emerged as the best state in the country. In the Corona period, the state government is continuously moving forward on the roadmap made for self-reliant Madhya Pradesh focusing on infrastructure, economy and employment, health and education. CM Rise schools, improvement in the condition of hospitals reflect the development of the state. The Pravasi Bhartiya Divas convention and the Global Investors Summit recently held in the state have established the positive image of the state at the global level. In Indore, the arrangements made by connecting the public, the facility of home-stay, the hospitality in Chhappan Dukan and Sarafa was a wonderful example of expansion of the family spirit. The demonstration of willingness to invest Rs. 15 lakh 42 thousand 550 crore in the state has been possible only because of the efficient functioning of Team Madhya Pradesh.

CM appreciates innovation and sensitive work of the collectors

Mentioning about the innovative and sensitive works being done by the district collectors, Chief Minister Chouhan said that we should make continuous efforts to do better. Chief Minister Chouhan, while appreciating the works done to provide a tricycle to a Divyang woman who attended a public hearing in Indore, housing arrangements for leprosy patients in Barwani, works done under Adopt an Anganwadi in Mandla, public service activity in Dindori, smart classes for students in Sehore and arrangements for making preparations for competitive examinations, said that the collectors are innovating at their own level in their districts. As many as 83 lakh beneficiaries were benefitted under the Mukhya Mantri Jan Seva Abhiyan. This is a wonderful example of good governance. If the people who were selected in the Indian Administrative Service if desired,, they would have been working in private companies on a big salary, but it is their spirit of service and nation building that gives pride and glory to the person.

We have to be continuously active to make the country better

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the environment of the country has changed under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and there has also been a change in the thinking towards India in the countries of the world. During the difficult period of Corona, the country provided two vaccines to the world in eight months. In the recently held Pravasi Bhartiya Divas convention, the President of Suriname and Guyana expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Modi and said that it was only with India’s cooperation that the survival of our countrymen was possible. The world also experienced India’s influence in the evacuation of students from other countries including India in the Russi a Ukraine war. Our country is leading the world in many fields. Getting the opportunity to chair the G-20 conference is a symbol of this. In the direction of how we can make our country better, we have to be continuously active while being full of enthusiasm and energy with a positive spirit.

CM Chouhan expresses the need for regular tours

Chief Minister Chouhan expressed the need for the officers to stay connected with the public and visit the areas regularly to know about the actual conditions. He said that the economy of Ujjain has changed with the construction of Shri Mahakal Mahalok. After the arrival of cheetahs in Sheopur, it is necessary to implement an effective project for development of tourism in the district and employment generation from it. By taking this type of initiative by the officers of the Indian Administrative Service in their respective areas, the betterment of the state and the people of the region will occur at a faster pace.

Give enough time to family

Inspiring to imbibe the qualities of a virtuous worker mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Chief Minister Chouhan said that it is necessary to work with full enthusiasm while maintaining patience with no ego attitude, free from attachment-malice. Swami Vivekananda considered man to be the storehouse of infinite powers. Inspiring the officers of the Indian Administrative Service to adopt a positive, joyous and enthusiastic approach towards their work, Chief Minister Chouhan said that it is necessary to maintain happiness of mind, healthy body and a pleasant atmosphere in the family. By being sensitive to our spouse, educating our children and giving them loving treatment, our environment and mind improves and we are able to work more actively and with concentration. So it is necessary that we give enough time to the family. Due to this, the bond of affection and intimacy will not loosen.

Be sensitive and proactive for the well-being of employees

Chief Minister Chouhan said that officers of the Indian Administrative Service should take special initiative to infuse happiness and energy in their team of employees and also for their well-being. This will help in establishing your leadership potential and role model you among the employees. Chief Minister Chouhan also motivated the officials to adopt yoga.

Service meet will develop Team spirit in Madhya Pradesh

President of the IAS Officers’ Association, Additional Chief Secretary Mohammad Suleman said that the tradition of the IAS Service Meet, which started from the year 2010, was interrupted for two years due to the Corona epidemic. The cultural programmes and sports activities being organised in the service meet will help the team of Chief Minister Chouhan in developing team spirit in Madhya Pradesh. Members of the association including Chairman of the Organising Committee KC Gupta, Secretary of the Association Vivek Porwal, special speaker Arun Pillai and Vandana Bhatnagar were present on the inauguration.

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