Indore Municipal Corporation created a new history by issuing green bonds for solar energy – CM Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that global warming and climate change are not ordinary threats.

If effective measures are not taken to deal with them, then in the coming times we will keep searching for life. I am proud to say that the public representatives, officials and residents of Indore Municipal Corporation area have taken effective steps in this direction, he said.

He said issuance of green bonds for generation of electricity from solar energy is not an ordinary task. This is a great campaign to save the earth. It is a matter of pride to see the efforts being made by Indore in the direction of green energy. Indore, the city of my dreams, will be the city of dreams of the world. Indore has created a new history and has shown direction to many cities.

Chouhan was addressing the programme organised at Kushbhau Thakre Auditorium, Bhopal for the listing of green bonds issued by Indore Municipal Corporation in the National Stock Exchange.

Chouhan inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp with Madhya Pradesh anthem. CM Chouhan made the listing of green bonds of Indore Municipal Corporation in the National Stock Exchange by ringing the gong (bell) in the Bell Ringing Ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that with a view to reduce the electricity expenditure for bringing water from Jalud water plant in Khargone district, 90 km away from Indore, for the water supply of Indore city, the Indore Municipal Corporation has set up a 60 megawatt solar power plant in Jalud. For the purpose of raising financial resources for the implementation, it has been decided to collect funds by issuing public issue of green bonds.

Income of 9 crores generated from carbon credit

Chouhan said that Indore thinks and does out of the box. Inclusion of CNG and electric buses in city bus service of Indore, preparation of 126 charging stations to encourage electric vehicles, installation of plant for disposal of city’s wet waste and use of bio CNG generated from it for operation of city buses, development of 100 Ahilya Vans (forests) and 4 Nagar Vans (city forests) in the city and plantation of saplings on the city’s trenching ground are remarkable works. About 4 lakh carbon credits have been earned by reducing carbon emissions through these innovations. An income of Rs. 9 crore has been earned by trading in the global market. The business model created by Municipal Corporation Indore to prevent carbon emissions and earn carbon credits will encourage other bodies to innovate. This is also indicative of the fact that if there is credibility and trust, there will be no shortage of funds.

Madhya Pradesh Committed for Life for Environment

Chouhan said that by giving the mantra of Life i.e. Life Style for Environment to the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has established environmental protection at the top of the list of global priorities. Madhya Pradesh will contribute as much as possible to achieve the Panchamrut goals set for India by Prime Minister Modi. India will achieve the target of net zero by 2070. The Chief Minister said that where there is a will, there has to be a way.

State’s metropolis will issue bonds this year

Chouhan said that Prime Minister Modi had made it mandatory for cities to get their credit rating done along with AMRUT and Smart City Mission, which was the first step towards issuing municipal bonds. Indore is the first city in the country to get its bonds listed on the National Stock Exchange in 2018. Chouhan said that we have to achieve this target in 5 more metros this year. With commitment towards better financial management, administrative efficiency and development of the state, we will make this achievement in the next 8-10 months by setting a road map. If funds are received from the bonds, the development of the cities will get a boost.

Indore should move towards becoming a solar city

Chouhan said that Sanchi will be the country’s first solar city. World Heritage Sanchi will become a solar city on May 3, International Solar Day, it will be a big achievement in terms of saving the environment. Encouraging public representatives and officials of Indore, CM Chouhan said that they should take a pledge to develop Indore as a solar city among big cities. Indore has the capability to implement such challenges and innovations. He said that Indore should move forward in this direction by talking to the public, making necessary provisions and arrangements.

We will not let growing pace of the state stop

Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh is constantly moving forward on the path of economic progress. Our state will be the next industrial hub. Activities in the fields of IT, textile, food processing are continuously increasing in the state. Madhya Pradesh has also done remarkable work in wildlife conservation. There are immense possibilities in Madhya Pradesh, we will not let the growing pace of the state stop.

Indore MP Shankar Lalwani said that Prime Minister Modi has said that Indore is an era which goes ahead of time. Indore has proved this in the field of cleanliness. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, our country is leading the world in reducing carbon emissions. The initiative of Indore Municipal Corporation is a link in this direction. Member of Parliament Lalwani requested to provide additional cooperation from the state government in the implementation of Amrut-2 scheme in Indore.

Member of Parliament VD Sharma said that it has been recommended to bring bonds by the urban bodies in the Union Budget. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Chouhan, this effort made by the Indore Municipal Corporation for solar energy in the sequence of innovations happening in every field in the state is commendable.

Public dialogue, public participation and public resolution will be the basis of success of Indore’s innovations

Mayor of Indore Municipal Corporation Pushyamitra Bhargava said that Indore’s continuous commitment towards cleanliness has established the bond image of Indore. Indore Municipal Corporation will continue to do innovations like Green Bond with public dialogue, public participation and public resolution. Mayor Bhargava also threw light on the concept of Green Bond and its functional side. The programme was also addressed by National Stock Exchange Chairman Ashish, Principal Secretary Urban Development and Housing Neeraj Mandloi. Principal Secretary Energy Sanjay Dubey, officials of SBI Capital and AK Capital were present. Mementos were presented to all the guests in the programme.

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