Investment will give decisive impetus to development of Madhya Pradesh – MP CM Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh’s development will be given a decisive impetus through investment. Will not let even a single Penny go waste of industrialists investing in Madhya Pradesh. The strategy of full co-operation to the industries will be adopted through 7 sources of dialogue, co-operation, facility, acceptance, bridge, simplicity and co-ordination. Addressing the closing session of the Global Investors Summit 2023, Chief Minister Chouhan said that through this summit, proposals have been received from industrialists and investors to set-up industries worth more than Rs 15 lakh 42 thousand 500 crore. With these, the possibilities of providing employment to 29 lakh people will be realised. As a result of intention to invest, implementation will add an important chapter in the progress of the state.

Chief Minister Chouhan informed that proposals have been received for an investment of Rs 6 lakh 9 thousand 478 crore in renewable energy sector, Rs 2 lakh 80 thousand 753 crore in urban infrastructure, Rs 1 lakh 6 thousand 149 crore in food processing and agriculture sector, Rs 98 thousand 305 in mining and related industries, Rs 78 thousand 778 crore in information technology sector, Rs 76 thousand 769 crore in chemical and petroleum industry, Rs 71 thousand 351 crore in various services sector, Rs 42 thousand 254 crore in automobile and electric vehicle sector, Rs 17 thousand 991 crore in pharmaceutical and health sector, Rs 17 thousand 916 crore in logistics and warehousing sector, Rs 16 thousand 914 crore in textile and garment sector and Rs 1 lakh 25 thousand Rs.853 crore in other sectors.. All these are expected to provide employment to 29 lakh people.

CM expresses gratitude for summit’s success, new convention center of 10,000 capacity will be built

Chief Minister Chouhan said that all the ministers of the state, central ministers, ambassadors of different countries, business leaders and officers-employees deserve thanks for the success of the Global Investors Summit. The blessings of Prime Minister Modi and President Murmu were also received. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the summit. The people of Indore gave an overwhelming traditional welcome. Keeping in view the future need of such programmes, a new convention center with a capacity of 10,000 people will be built in Indore.

Summit at a glance

Giving details of the summit, Chief Minister Chouhan said that business delegates from 84 countries took part in the summit. There were a total of 10 partner countries. Apart from this, representatives of embassies of 35 countries took part. More than 2600 meetings were held in two days. More than five thousand businessmen took part. Agreements were signed with a total of 36 foreign business organisations. G-20 partners and many business delegates joined the summit. Twenty sectoral presentations were noteworthy in the summit.

New era has started from Indore

Chief Minister Chouhan said that Indore is wonderful, a new phase of investment is starting from here. There is an atmosphere of trust. Madhya Pradesh is becoming the investment capital of the country. The growth rate of Madhya Pradesh, which developed from sickly, is different from other states. In the last 18 years, we have overcome potholes to have good roads and have reached the pinnacle of cleanliness by doing away with heaps of garbage. Recognising the capabilities of the state, it has been made its power.

Industrialists will not have to come to the capital to get grievances redressed

Chief Minister Chouhan said that industrialists will not have to come to the capital Bhopal to get their problems solved. For redressal of complaints, a separate window of “How Can I Help You” will be started on portal, which will voice the woes of industrialists. The industrialist will also be contacted by a team. This will be followed up at the Chief Minister’s level. Industrialists will not have to wander from pillar to post.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that industrialists will not require any permission for three years to set-up industries in the notified areas of the state. There will be no inspection of the industrial unit during this period. The facility of plug and play, which is till now in the field of information technology, will also be provided in the garment and other industry sectors. Problems will be solved through ease of doing business and good governance.

India’s progress and prestige has been enhanced under PM’s guidance

Chief Minister Chouhan said that under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi, India has been successful in enhancing progress and prestige. India will guide the countries of the world under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. He has hopes and expectations in many areas for industrial development in Madhya Pradesh, which will be fulfilled seriously. Madhya Pradesh has increased the speed on the runway of industrial progress, we are now taking off. In the beginning, Chief Minister Chouhan thanked all the guests present on the stage for their presence.

Canada’s Commerce Minister Jennifer Daubeny said that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has created a business-friendly environment in Madhya Pradesh. Presently some Canadian companies are working in Madhya Pradesh. More investment will be made in Madhya Pradesh in future. Import export will increase between India and Canada.

Mauritius’ Social Integration Minister Fazila said that she is of Indian origin. Her grandparents came to Mauritius from Surat in the 19th century. India and Mauritius share deep emotional ties. 70% of the people in Mauritius are of Indian origin. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the partnership between the two countries in economic and other fields will get a boost in the coming times.

Ambassador of Norway Holmes Jacob said that Indore is the cleanest city. There is a desire to roam on its streets. Madhya Pradesh is a fast growing state. There is a high growth rate here. Norway is a small country, its two companies are operating in Madhya Pradesh. Norway has world class technology. We will work with Madhya Pradesh especially in the renewable energy and technology sector.

Among the Indian industrialists, Kamal Bali of Volvo said that India is the shining star in the world economy. The demography, democracy, leadership, start-up ecosystem, amazing talent, digital transformation, ease of doing business are all unique here. India spends more on infrastructure than America. Madhya Pradesh, which was once a sickly state, has today become a modern state of India under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan. His company in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh manufactures 05 and 08 liter engines and ships them all over the world. It is the only company to do so. Madhya Pradesh government deserves thanks for full co-operation to the industries.

Think Gas Chairman Amit Sengupta thanked Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for the excellent organisation of the Global Investment Summit. He said that his company does business in four states, out of which he gets maximum co-operation from Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan is always ready for extending positive co-operation to the investors.

Chairman of Rajratan Group Sunil Chordia said that in the last 20 years industrial progress has taken place at a fast pace in Madhya Pradesh due to road, electricity, government policies, encouragement and co-operation. This time the Global Investment Summit was organised in the most successful way so far. Now no one can stop the progress of Madhya Pradesh. He expressed the need to increase air services in Madhya Pradesh.

Praveen Kankaria, MD, Impetus Group said that both vision and delivery are being witnessed for investment in Madhya Pradesh. The co-operation, faith and enthusiasm that the Madhya Pradesh government gives is not seen anywhere else.

Chief Minister Singh Chouhan had resolved to expand the IT sector in Madhya Pradesh to the maximum, it is being fulfilled. Indore is becoming the centre of IT. More than 60 thousand IT workers are working from here. There is a lot of respect for women in the state, one reason for this is that the foundation of the city of Indore was laid by a female Devi Ahilyabai Holkar. Today I live in Silicon Valley Bengaluru, but I can say with a certainty that most of the innovations in the field of IT take place in Indore only.

Group Head of Asian Paints Amit Singh said that the speed of decision making in Madhya Pradesh government is nowhere else. On December 5 last, I met Chief Minister Chouhan and made a proposal. Today is January 12, it has been completed in such a short time. Madhya Pradesh’s policy is inclusive growth and sustainable growth, which is ideal in the world.

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