Kamal Nath attacked Shivraj – ‘I fly by helicopter with my own money and the money of the CM’

Bhopal: In the electoral year, there is a continuation of allegation and reaction in Madhya Pradesh politics. Once again in the same episode, state Congress chief Kamal Nath attacked CM Shivraj Singh. He said that I am flying from helicopter with my own money and CM Shivraj, waste the public money in helicopter travel.

Encouraged by the crowd gathered in his first election rally organized in Narsinghpur, Kamal Nath in his own style said one after the other attack on CM Shivraj. He said, “Shivraj came to Chhindwara and compared the development of Budhni and Chhindwara.

Kamal Nath said that misuse of government money is going on in Shivraj’s visit. Even I am coming from helicopter with my own money while Shivraj keeps roaming in helicopters with money from people. Kamal Nath also said to the Modi government about the issue of Rafael, he said, how secret is the agreement, we will tell this when the Congress government will come in 2019, then we will open the poll. In this meeting of Kamal Nath, several Congress leaders including Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha Suresh Pachauri were present.