Kamal Nath poses 10 questions to Shivraj Singh Chouhan on development

BHOPAL: State Congress president Kamal Nath will soon hit ground zero and start campaigning. He too will embark on a yatra across the state and would be joined by AICC president Rahul Gandhi at many places.
Speaking to reporters on Friday, Kamal Nath said that he would travel through the assembly constituencies in a “regular bus” which would cost far less than chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Rs 2.5-crore rath. The state PCC has started working on Nath’s yatra schedule.

Taking on Chouhan’s claims of having developed the state, Kamal Nath said, “The chief minister is making tall claims on how he took the state out of the BIMARU status, developed it and reached welfare benefits to all sections of society. If it is so, Chouhan should answer ten questions and citizens should also ask him questions when the Jan Ashirwad Yatra reaches their localities.”

Kamal Nath asked Chouhan, “Mention ten hospitals in the state where best medical treatment is available for patients, where doctors are available at all times, necessary medicines are given to the poor at the right time and ministers also go for their treatment.”

In the second question, he asked, “Show ten government schools where children of poor persons get good education, where there are adequate teachers, clean drinking water, electricity, playground and where 100% students pass their examinations. Such ideal schools where even ministers send their children.”

Kamal Nath’s third question to Chouhan was to name ten areas in the state where women and girls feel safe and secure, roam the streets without fear and where there are no incidents of eve-teasing. Question four to chief minister wanted to mention ten mandis where farmers say that Chouhan’s government made agriculture a profitable venture and they are getting fair price for their produce.

Question five is: “Mention ten places where youth say that after Chouhan government came, they found employment opportunities.” Question six was on ten places on the banks of the Narmada where people can see portion of the 6.67 crore saplings he planted in July last year. Question seven was to state ten places on the Narmada where illegal mining has not taken place.

Kamal Nath’s eight query targeted government’s functioning. He said, “Name ten departments in the government where work is done on time and without acceptance of bribes.” The ninth question said, “Show ten roads that are better than that of the USA where citizens may go and feel like they are in America.”
The tenth question was about power supply. “Reveal ten villages where power is available 24×7 for irrigation,” asked Nath.