Kamalnath Government’s ‘Manniyon’ will look like school, it will not be fun

In Madhya Pradesh, the education of the Ministers of Kamalnath Government is going to take place. In this, they will be taught to understand and work with them in the manner of administration. There are 21 members in the government who have become ministers for the first time. They have no expertise in working with the administration.

Ministers of Kamal Nath Government will now like the students like the students. The school will be just one day. In this they will be taught how to understand the administrative things and how they work. For this, the General Administration Department has done all the preparations.
Ministers in this school will be told that they should not be restricted to their own department. Understand financial matters properly. Adopt properly with the bureaucracy so that the work does not interfere.

The school will be just one day. This school will be located at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Good Governance Institute, Bhopal. There are 28 ministers in the Kamnath cabinet. Of these, 7 have been ministers before, but three times, i.e., 21 members have been made ministers for the first time. That is, they have no work experience.
On this issue, Jitu Patwari says that when a child is born, nothing can be learned. In the same way, ministers and MLAs have come to learn a little from their home. Everyone has got new responsibility. There is no mistake in this, so this kind of training is being given.