Kamalnath Sarkar merged the Department of Anand and Dharma and created a new Spirituality Department

Bhopal. The Kamal Nath government announced the formation of 68th Spirituality Department of the state. It has merged the Department of Anand and religious trust and Dharmas. This new department has been named ‘Spirituality Department’. In this, there will be work related to religious activities, pilgrimage tours, and the maintenance of religious places along with all the work done in the Anand Department.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath completed another promise of Congress pledge on Thursday. The General Administration Department sent the notification for the formation of Spiritual Department for publication in the Gazette. The establishment of trust of new department Narmada trust, Tapti, Mandakini and Kshipra river, Madhyabrata Gangajli Nidhi trust, proceeding in connection with making holy rivers live unit, development of the areas falling in Ram Wanaman path, including those under the Dharmas and Anand Department Will work.

After becoming the Chief Minister, Kamal Nath decided to set up a spirituality department. Which has now been embodied. In this, religious trusts and Dharmas and happiness departments have been merged. These departments will work for the development of mixed culture of India and the state. All the Acts and Rules will also come under the Department, which falls under the Department of Dharma.

This work will also do the department

Maintenance of historic sites related to religious places.
Suggestion on special arrangements of crowd management and security on fairs and events that take place at religious places.
Management of the journey of marked places of state and outside.
Management of land of religious institutions.
Appointment of priests, mahants and story-tellers and removal of them.
Declaring cities, cities and places sacred.