Know why after 14 years, former CM Shivraj sent to national politics

Bhopal. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who was Chief Minister of the state for the last 13 years, has begun to try to ease the interference in Madhya Pradesh.

It is said that by the defeat in the assembly elections, the angry party Shivraj did not want the leader to challenge the high command’s decision in the selection of the Opposition. The party has not come to the conclusion of the Assembly Speaker and the Deputy Speaker’s decision to misrepresent the decision. The small things like being forwarded to the legislature party and sitting on the Leader of the Opposition were being brought to the hike. It is believed that by giving charge of any other state to the state, it ended the day-to-day interference with politics.

After becoming the Chief Minister, Kamal Nath praised Shivraj as well as his complaints were also brought to Delhi. Recently, he has also made a program to tour the affected areas. He was also seeking that his active role in Lok Sabha elections was seen in Madhya Pradesh.

Due to all these reasons, the party activated Shivraj in national politics by making him the national vice president. Significantly, 14 years ago, he was made State President by the post of National General Secretary. Since then, they are working in the state. This decision before the National Working Committee will have a big impact on the state’s politics.