Kuno Century to be center of attraction of Asia on Cheetah arrival: Chief Minister Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said with the return of cheetah in India, the broken link of biodiversity has now been rejoined. This has been possible only because of the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said that now with 20 leopards, the Kuno Century will become a center of attraction in Asia.

Chief Minister Chouhan freed 2 cheetahs from the cage out of 12 cheetahs that came from South Africa in the century.

Union Forest and Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav, Union Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, State Forest Minister Dr. Kunwar Vijay Shah were present. As soon as the Chief Minister released the leopard from the cage, it started roaming in the enclosure. After the end of the quarantine period, they will be freed for free movement.

Chouhan said that Prime Minister Modi has given a big gift by bringing the Cheetah Project in Kuno Century. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister. He said that today there have been 20 cheetahs in Kuno Sanctuary from 12 cheetahs that came from South Africa. I also thank the Union Forest Minister Yadav.

The Chief Minister said that 8 leopards that came in the past are leading a natural life. He said that with Prime Minister Modi’s thinking of saving the environment, we have to save all the wild animals. He said that with the arrival of cheetah in Kuno Palpur, along with environmental protection, tourism will also increase rapidly. Economic activities will increase. There have been infrastructure development works like restaurants, hotels, home stays etc.

Union Forest Minister Yadav said that leaving leopards in Kuno has presented a multi-faceted example in India. Cheetahs brought from Namibia in Africa were released in the first phase, in the second phase of the Cheetah Project, the second part of the Cheetah Project has started on today on Mahashivratri leaving 12 cheetahs brought from South Africa. Cheetahs from Namibia are completely healthy in the big enclosure.

Yadav said that the Madhya Pradesh government has taken this project forward by making 450 cheetah friends here. The people who cut trees have taken a pledge to save the forest leaving the axe, this will save the environment. Self-help projects have been seen in Kuno. The team here deserves thanks for the way they have followed the discipline of the Cheetah Project. He also thanked the volunteer officers of the Air Force, who are fully cooperating in the vision of environmental protection.

Before the Cheetah release program in Kuno National Park, Chief Minister Chouhan also visited the Cheetah Enclosure.

Chief Minister houhan, who reached Kuno, interacted with Cheetah friends

Chouhan while interacting with Cheetah friends in the park said that the happiness of the villagers is telling that people are excited about the arrival of Cheetah. With the arrival of Cheetah, employment opportunities will increase in this area.

Chouhan, during the Vikas Yatra in Sheopur before the Cheetah release program, pledged to protect Cheetahs and wildlife and forest and environment, the delegation of villagers and self.

In conversation with Cheetah friends, the Chief Minister inquired about the awareness campaign being run by Cheetah friends for the protection of cheetahs. He said that when Sasha the cheetah was unwell, the people of Karahal worshiped and performed bhajan-kirtans to improve his health, which shows how much people love these cheetahs. Cheetah friend Chetan Bhardwaj recited a poem and Sheopur song centered on cheetahs, which was appreciated by the Chief Minister. Bhardwaj also presented a Cheetah painting made on a round stone of Kuno river. Cheetah friend Rani Adivasi also apprised the Chief Minister about the environment building program being run in nearby villages for the protection of cheetahs.

Discussion was also held with the villagers who dedicated the axe, bow and arrow

Chouhan held discussions with a delegation of villagers who took a pledge to save forests and wildlife by renouncing bow and axe in the rest house premises of the park. Praising the decision taken by the villagers, he congratulated them for the resolution taken towards saving the environment. Today, when Chouhan came to Kuno, the delegation of villagers who took the oath met and expressed their gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chouhan for choosing Kuno National Park for the Cheetah Project. Photographs, paper clippings and collected axe, arrows related to the oath taken during the Vikas Yatra and the resolutions taken on various social issues.

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