Madhya Pradesh: BJP opposes giving relief to Anil Ambani over state dues

BHOPAL: The MP government is now on the target of BJP because of industrialist Anil Ambani who earned criticism from former Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Ambani has to pay a sum of Rs 450 crore to the government for electricity, water and mining royalty under SASAN Power Project. The state government has given four years’ time to pay the money.

Leader of opposition Gopal Bhargava said the present government was meant for industrialists and capitalists. The Chief Minister thinks more about the welfare of the industrialists than that of about the poor and common man. On the one hand, the Chief Minister says the fiscal health of the state is not good, but on the other hand, he gives relief to industrialists by asking them to pay outstanding amount in installments, he said.

Industrialists have not been able to generate a single job during the past one year, Bhargava said.

Former minister Narottam Mishra said a special package ‘as much as one can loot’ was going on in the state.

BJP leaders alleged that Gandhi Ambani was the main target of Gandhi in the last Lok Sabha elections, so how he can be so good to the state now.

According sources, the finance department, too, opposed allowing Ambani to pay the loan in installments.

During a meeting of Cabinet Committee of Investment Promotion, Additional Chief Secretary (finance), Anurag Jain, opposed the government move.

Setting aside Jain’s opposition, the Chief Minister gave time to Ambani to pay back the dues in the name of getting electricity at cheaper rates.