Chief Minister Shivraj Approves Commissionerate System for Bhopal and Indore Amid Law and Order Concern

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has decided to introduce Commissionerate system of police in Bhopal and Indore from April in an effort to improve the law and order in the state ahead of the Assembly elections.

The Commissionerate system, which rests greater powers in the police, was initially proposed in 1986-87 and will come into force almost after three decades. Interestingly, the system is implemented in close to 70 cities across 15 states except UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

The system, cleared by the CM, reportedly vests magisterial powers in commissioners of both Bhopal and Indore to take preventive measures in matters of law and order.

A large numbers IAS officers reportedly are not pleased with the move it would expand power of the police.

“This new system would allow commissioners to issue prohibitive orders directly and impose curfews. The commissioners can also clamp down on habitual offenders through district externment orders,” a senior police officer told News18.

Once the system is implemented, the IGs would assume office as Commissioners, the DIGs as ACPs and SPs as DCPs.

Retired Director General of Police Arun Gurtu welcomed the move and said that Madhya Pradesh was already behind in the implementation. “Let’s not be too critical of the police. If the system could bring in some improvement then why not give it a try,” he added.

However, opposition Congress seems unimpressed with the the government’s move. “No system of policing would succeed in MP until the government ceases to continue discriminatory rules,” said Congress chief spokesperson KK Mishra. ​