Madhya Pradesh Congress to hold assembly ‘gherao’ agitation

BHOPAL: Congress on Wednesday will hold an assembly ‘gherao’ agitation against the Shivraj Singh Chouhan BJP government’s anti-people policies.

The demonstration which is scheduled to start from 11 am at the Tin Shed Square near New Market will be led by central leaders Digvijaya Singh, Kamal Nath, Suresh Pachauri, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kantilal Bhuria, PCC chief Arun Yadav and AICC general secretary in-charge of state affairs Mohan Prakash.

Briefing the media on the issues to be raised at the Congress’ protest rally, Mohan Prakash said, “This is not just the Congress’ protest but peoples protest. Congress workers and people from every block of the state will join this agitation. The chief minister thinks that the state assembly is the BJP party office. It is actually every citizen’s panchayat. Farmers, labourers, employees, Dalits, tribals – every section of society is distressed and harassed under BJP rule.”

While protesting against alleged anti-people policies, Congress will also raise the issue of police action and lathi-charge on PCC chief Arun Yadav during an NSUI agitation last month. “An attempt was taken on the life of the state Congress president and he had to be hospitalised in ICU for two days. In another function, a BJP MP tried to throttle the acting leader of Opposition of the Congress party in Badwani,” Mohan Prakash said. “It was a government function; Bala Bachchan being an MLA from the constituency had all the right to speak. It was not chief minister Chouhan’s family function. He should have apologised to the state for manhandling of the acting LoP.”
Congress will also raise the issue of demonetisation effects against Narendra Modi Centre. “More than 100 days after withdrawal of high-currency notes, the Union government cannot explain what has been achieved by it. At least the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government should pay homage to all those citizens who died standing in the queue waiting to get their currency exchanged. Eighteen lakh persons have been issued notices by the IT department but under which law is not clear yet,” the Congress leader said.

After congregating at the Tin Shed Square, the Congress will march towards state assembly where business will be conducted for the second day of the budget session.