Madhya Pradesh initiates study on corruption in government

BHOPAL: In a first, Madhya Pradesh government has roped in experts to undertake a study of corruption. The subject titled “Understanding the Causes, Forms and Strategies to Combat Corruption in Government” is expected to throw up interesting results as the state has witnessed some unprecedented scams like Vyapam and mining in the recent past.
The exercise has been initiated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, a state government’s institute chaired by chief minister.

National-level experts from different fields would write on corruption in government departments of the state in particular and may even share what they have come across.

The study has already started and its conclusions would be handed over to the state government in a book form by March for necessary action. Whether there would any course correction as per the report, remains to be seen.
Officials said there was a brainstorming meeting at the institute recently to formally commence a project taken up by institute to bring out a monograph on corruption titled “Understanding the Causes, Forms and Strategies to Combat Corruption in Government.”

Expert from different fields, including bureaucracy, economics, business, artist, politician, and journalist among others has been contacted for the purpose.
They would write on the topic with specific inputs and not about general corruption and send it to the institute by February.

A series of seminars will be conducted in Bhopal or New Delhi and based on the findings a book would be published and will be handed over to the state government.

However, the officials did not throw light from where the idea came or what was the need to take up the study.
Officials said there are complaints of corruption even in different agencies where tendering process is online, which points to the fact that there are loopholes and the need to be plugged.

Further, performance of state undertakings in the state has not been up to the mark with a sizeable number incurring big losses (Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, 2015). There are over 55 government departments in Madhya Pradesh and almost all of them have huge budgets.

Director general, Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, Padamvir Singh said the work to come out with the monograph in question is underway and it will be shared with the government or agencies concerned once it gets ready, he added.