Madhya Pradesh is celebrating martyrdom day, honor of martyrs’ families

Bhopal: The martyr honors day is being celebrated in Madhya Pradesh on the day of Independence Day ie 14th August. On this occasion, martyrs’ honor days are being celebrated in the villages of martyrs and the families of the martyrs are also being honored.

Actually, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan announced the celebration of martyr honors day on August 14 in memory of martyrs. He had said that the number of martyrs in MP was held on August 14, one day before August 15. In his memory, the martyr honor day will be celebrated.

At the same time, security arrangements have been made strictly on the main event to be held on Independence Day in capital Bhopal, on Independence Day. Like every year, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan will also attend this function at the Motilal Nehru Stadium. During this period, the police has banned handbags, briefcases, bags, floral, mobile phones, cameras, food items.

Along with Bhopal, the security arrangements have already been issued to the police headquarters all the SP for adequate arrangements in other districts of the state.