Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath reciting Hanuman Chalisa, meeting clerics shows Congress’ hypocrisy, alleges BJP

BHOPAL: Amid reports that Congress will play soft-Hindutva during the bypolls on 27 seats in the state, the BJP attacked the old party alleging double standards to woo the public in the name of soft-Hindutva. BJP spokesperson and former state media in-charge, Hitesh Bajpai said that Congress leader Kamal Nath’s Hindu card will not work during bypolls in the state as the public was aware of his recitations of Hanuman Chalisa during the day and meetings with the clerics at night.
“Congress has reached a point of confusion and facing dilemma. Kamal Nath recites Hanuman Chalisa during the day. In the evening, he decorates the Ram Darbar (court) in the state Congress office. At the same time, he also meets the clerics at night to make them happy. People in the Congress are also surprised by this attitude as the Congress had been riding on the boat of minority politics,” said Bajpai.

The BJP leader’s remarks came in view of Hanuman Chalisa recitation held at nath’s residence during bhumi pujan of Ram temple construction. The Congress had also celebrated the foundation laying at Ayodhya at the state head office. Later there were reports that Congress would play Hindutva card during the upcoming bypolls.
Continuing his tirade against the old party, Bajpaid said, “The Congress is a party of hypocrites. Until a few days ago it was raising questions over the existence of Lord Rama. The UPA government had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court that there is no proof of Ram’s existence. Why are these people behaving hypocritical?”

“The Congress has lost its trust among the public. The hypocrisy of the Congress in the name of religion has now come to fore among the people. Minorities have understood that Congress is not their well wisher and best friend. Even the Iftar party which used to be held during Ramadan was not organised in the Congress office for the first time in 70 years. There used to be a feast in the Congress office. Congress leader Nasir Islam used to organise the feast. But none of the Congress leaders went to meet any Qazi this time,” alleged Bajpai.

The BJP leader claimed that it was Congress who had opposed the Tirth Darshan Yojana launched by the BJP government. “Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan launched the Teerth Darshan Yojana in the state a few years ago, when Kantilal Bhuria was the state president of the Congress. He was opposed to this and called upon not to take up the scheme on government expenditure. He had also suggested people to take `Peepal Tirtha’. The Congress had to face criticism on this idea,” said Bajpai.
Reacting to BJP’s attack, Congress said that BJP should come clear whether talking to clerics is illegal or against any law. “Congress is a secular party that believes in all religions. BJP leaders should clarify whether meeting or talking to clerics is illegal. If they think so, they should mention in their poll manifesto. Why then BJP leaders greet these clerics on festivals and other occasions,” said Congress state meda coordinator, Narendra Saluja.