Madhya Pradesh: Notices to online retailers for selling lizard genitals

BHOPAL: The special task force (STF) of Madhya Pradesh forest department’s wildlife wing has sent notices to four online retailers for allegedly selling dried hemipenis of monitor lizards’ and other wildlife articles.
Notices have been sent to,, and under Section 52 (attempted abetment) of the Wildlife Protection Act.
“We have sought explanations on certain points. Nothing more can be revealed as of now. The matter is being investigated,” said Ritesh Sirothia, SDO STF (wildlife).
This action is a follow-up of a recent crackdown on an Indore-based company – that was selling the prohibited wildlife products like ‘dried hemipenis of monitor lizards’ as ‘Hatta Jodi’ and Siyar Singhi (Jackal horns).
Seizure of these wildlife articles had prompted Wild Life Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) to initiate ‘Operation Wildnet’ aimed at busting a major myth related to the ‘rare and powerful’ herb Hatha Jodi, which was raging across the major e-commerce websites.
‘Hatha Jodi’, which literally means ‘clasped hands’ was available online as the ‘rare magical herb’, which is said to be imbued with divine powers. WCCB investigators found that the ‘hatha jodi’ was no herb but the genitals of the Indian monitor lizard.