Madhya Pradesh woman walks into police station with fetus for DNA test

BHOPAL: It was a request that put cops at a police station in Seoni district out of their depth. A woman reached Kurrai police station of the district on Sunday with a box containing a fetus, requesting them a DNA test on it.
Perplexed and having no clue how to deal with it, they first tried to dissuade her. When it did not work and seeing her adamant, they asked what was the need for it. What came next from her had some of them jump from their chair. She said her husband accuses her of infidelity and his doubt should be cleared.
Though reluctant for probe, cops began investigations into the matter after instructions from senior officials.
Rita Shivhare, a resident of Jabalpur was married to Pankaj Shivhare of Khawasa village. Later, when she became pregnant, Pankaj alleged her of infidelity and claimed she was carrying someone else’s child, police said.

Pankaj took her to Jabalpur and left her at her mother’s place, police said.
On December 26, Rita came to Khawasa along with her parents. Pankaj, his kin and parents had a heated exchange of words with Rita’s family. Both sides had reported the matter at Kurrai police station over allegations of infidelity, police said.

Subsequently, she returned to Jabalpur, but had developed some complications in the pregnancy and the fetus had to be aborted at a hospital. Rita, however carried the aborted fetus and travelled to Kurrai police station from Jabalpur requesting cops to conduct DNA test to dispel her husband’s misgivings.
“The Kurrai police station in-charge was instructed to get the DNA test done. The report will act as a witness in two complaints lodged by both families against each other. If claims of the woman are found true, it is possible the test will clear her husband’s doubts and the two families will be united,” additional SP Seoni Gopal Khandel told TOI.