Making a difference: Couple spends lifetime savings to educate tribal kids for free

While the government makes giant claims of providing quality education in the state run schools, reality is something to ponder upon. The strength of students in the government schools is deteriorating frequently.
The reason behind this fall in student strength is the careless attitude of teachers and non-satisfactory amenities in the school.
But in the dark phase Jagdish Devi Kunjam and her husband have came in like a ray of hope. The duo has started a Gynodaya school in Kaudikasha. The current strength of this school is around 150.
Jagdish Devi said that when she came to this area in 1980s, the situation of education was terribly bad. The couple then decided to light the lamp of education in the area.
The couple had a tough time convincing the tribal parents to educayte their kids in a better environment. Slowly and steadily people started sending their children to their house where the couple taught them for free.
Jagdish Devi said, “I and my husband invested all our savings that we received after our retirement to construct and run the school. Maximum fee taken from students is Rs 100. Apart from giving text knowledge all the students were provided free coaching for the preparations for entrance examinations for central funded schools. This year five students got selected.”
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