Man hacks brother to pieces in public for disturbing sleep

RAIPUR: A 40-year-old man hacked his elder brother to pieces in a village square on Tuesday for singing and playfully mocking him as he slept.
Scores of villagers in Chhattisgarh’s Daundilohra in Balod district, watched in horror as Suresh Kumar dragged his brother, Chinturam, 45, out of the house in the afternoon, tied him to an electric pole and chopped off his hands and then his head with an axe.

When his fury subsided, Suresh walked to at Mangchuwa police station with the blood-smeared axe and surrendered himself. He suffered a head injury and one of his fingers was chopped in the scuffle with his brother, police said.
Chinturam, who had a high-pitched voice, would often sing to mock his younger brother, say villagers. Fights between the two were quite common and their wives were fed up with their daily quarrels. Police said Suresh has a record of creating trouble in the village as he was short-tempered.

On Tuesday, the brothers were sleeping in the same room when Chinturam started singing. Suresh flew into a rage and started beating his sibling, the family said. In desperation, Chinturam grabbed an axe to scare off his brother, but Suresh overpowered him, snatched the axe and dragged him to the village square where he tied him to a pole. The commotion brought all the villagers to the scene, but Suresh threatened to kill anyone who intervened, police said.
Then, in front of his horrified family and villagers, Suresh hacked his brother to pieces. He has been charged with murder.