Minor girl chops off tongue, offers it to Lord Shiva

A minor girl in Raigarh chopped off her tongue and offered it to Lord Shiva at an ancient temple in Sangeetrai area.
Following the incident, the girl fell unconscious due to excessive loss of blood from the body.
According to a person working at the temple, Chameli, on regaining her consciousness refused to go to the hospital saying that Lord Shiva’s miracle will heal her.
“The girl has been sitting outside the temple since last three days. She has refused to go back to her house”, the temple worker further informed.
After the incident on Tuesday, her parents, without informing the police, took the girl back home and got her admitted to a nearby hospital when her condition started deteriorating.
As per Chameli’s parents, the girl had dropped out of the school when she was in VI standard.
Chameli belongs to a lower middle-class family and she is a big devotee of Lord Shiva.
Dr Dinesh Mishra of Andha Shradha Unmulan Samiti said, “The incident shows that the girl was misguided and overloaded with superstition. The religious background of her family worked as a trigger and she committed such an act.”
Such incidents can only be stopped if full support is provided by the community and government, added Dr Mishra.