Minor, three others nabbed for selling cannabis

RAIPUR: In a police raid, four persons, including a minor were arrested in connection with selling of 14.500 kilograms of cannabis and 46 quarters of liquor that was recovered from their house.
According to information, the peddlers were on police watch since the past few weeks. Following a tip-off about the arrival of new consignment of 10 kg of cannabis, police conducted raid Pandri area in the wee hours of the night.
Police used the back door to enter as the accused had installed Close Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) on his premises.Police arrested Shalu Sharma, Durga Singh Thakur, Vikas Sharma and a minor. A cash amount of Rs 2.32 lakh, wrapped in a piece of cloth was also recovered from the site. Police is investigating the matter further and is also trying to retrieve deleted CCTV footage from the accused’s home.