Miyan-Biwi Raaji But Kaji Had a Problem: Muslim Cleric Refuses to Solemnise Nikah in MP Over DJ Music

Miyan Biwi Raaji Toh Kya Karega Kaji”- the famous line from Bollywood movies we grew up listening but in Madhya Pradesh, a Muslim cleric had a problem so he refused to solemnise a nikah (marriage).

The cleric reportedly did not have any issues with the couple waiting to tie the knot but had a problem with DJ music at the wedding in the Chhatarpur district. He only relented after the family apologised for their conduct.

“In our society, there is a ban on unnecessary expenses. Neither a DJ plays music nor people dance during marriage because these things are indecent. In order to give a message that every person is equal in society, both DJ playing and dancing have been banned in Muslim society. A decision was taken based on the consent of the people of the community,” India Today quoted the cleric as saying.

Last year, a Muslim body requested clerics not to perform ‘nikah’ if DJ music or “brass bands” are played at the function.

The Muslim Maha Sabha of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh had earlier issued a statement seeking the cooperation of clerics to convince the communities to conduct wedding ceremonies in a “simple manner”.

It also said that a written guarantee should also be taken from the families that they will not encourage the “DJ culture” in the future.