Morena: Fed Up of Harassment by Mosque Body, Muslim Family Decides to Donate Land to Build Hindu Temple

Troubled by his community in the Jaura area of Morena in Madhya Pradesh, a Muslim family is ready to convert to Hinduism. There is a house built adjacent to the Mosque. Yusuf Khan, the owner of the house which is located outside the mosque, is now appealing to Hindu organizations to build a temple on his land, for which he is ready to provide his land free of cost.

Yusuf Khan alleged that some people related to the mosque management, want to demolish his ancestral house and merge it with the mosque. This has made him so annoyed that he said, “I am upset with their intention and want to give my land to the Hindu brothers, they should build a temple on it and build a trust, I will cooperate fully. Even, though I am ready to inaugurate the temple, I will not give my land to the people of the mosque authority.”

While narrating his pain, anguished Yusuf Khan said that he is not ready to give his land even if the people of the mosque give crores of rupees. Yusuf even said that his family has been harassed for the last 30 years, “so what is the point of following such a religion, our family is ready to adopt Hinduism.”

Yusuf has also contacted the police and administrative officials with his complaint, but no action has been taken in this matter so far. Yusuf says that an attempt is being made to forcibly occupy my ancestral house. Not only this, some Namazis had suddenly attacked his family a few days back, after which he saved his life by hiding inside the house. Yusuf says that he was living under the fear that he would be murdered, so they sought out the help of the police.

When the News18 team spoke to Deputy Collector Narottam Bhargava in this matter, he said that Yusuf Khan has got a lease on the government land next to the mosque where he is living with his family by building a house, but now there is a dispute between mosque committee and Yusuf Khan’s family regarding this.