MP : CM Chouhan accuse ex-CM Nath for came to power by making false promises to the public

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan accused Congress senior leader and ex-CM Kamal Nath came to power by making false promises to the public.

Adding, Chouhan said Nath promised to given 50% subsidy on latest agriculture machinery but did not give it while in power in the state.

Nathji made various promises and fulfilling it, CM tweeted ‘Kamal Nath ji came to power, he did not fulfill even one of them. I want to highlight this truth in front of the public that Congress and Kamal Nath ji lie.

Over questions posed to Congress leader, Chouhan tweeted ‘he (Nath) avoids questions by talking here and there’.

Chouhan tweeted ‘Kamal Nath ji mentioned in the manifesto that ₹ 50% subsidy will be given on agricultural machinery costing up to 2 lakhs. But did not give even a single penny in a year and a half. On the contrary, the grants of many schemes were stopped”.

Chouhan said I will expose this truth of his (Nath) among the public.

About sickle cell anemia, he said sickle cell anemia is such a disease, which generally does not get the attention of the government and the society.

He tweeted the Prime Minister @narendramodi understood the suffering of the tribal brothers and sisters and decided that 7 crore people would be screened. This is a service to the suffering humanity, ‘thanks to the Prime Minister for this’.

Responding to Chouhan’s tweet, Congress senior leader and ex-CM Kamal Nath tweeted Shivraj ji Bharatiya Janata Party had announced in its manifesto that all farmers will be given 90% subsidy on Zero Till Seed Drill and Happy Turbo Seeders so that delay in harvesting does not affect the second crop.” If any farmer of the state has received 90% subsidy, then you should inform the public.

Nath came out with the suggestion to maintain dignity and seriousness of the post he came – आप तो रोज अपना मजाक उड़वाने के लिए ऊटपटांग बातें करने लगते हैं? पद की गरिमा और गंभीरता को समझिये।

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