MP CM Chouhan visits hailstorm affected village of Vidisha

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that farmers will now be given a relief amount of Rs. 32 thousand per hectare on a loss over 50 percent to crops due to hailstorm and untimely rain.

Along with this, the amount of crop insurance will be given separately.

He also instructed the officials to include horticulture crops in the survey.

Chouhan said that the farmer should not worry or be upset, I am with them and will take the farmers out of all kinds of trouble.

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Chouhan consoled the farmers after taking stock of the damage caused to crops due to hailstorm in Patwarikhedi, Hathiyakheda, Ghurda, Mudraganesh and Madhichaubisa villages of Gulabganj tehsil of Vidisha district.

The Chief Minister said that the farmers should not worry, the survey of each affected farm would be done with humane approach and generosity, so that the farmers could be given full relief. He said that survey work is going on in the affected districts.

The Chief Minister instructed that there should not be any hue and cry and survey of damages should be done in a transparent manner. He said that the survey list will be displayed at the Panchayat Bhavan and objections will also be resolved.

Chouhan told the farmers that Rs 32,000 for loss of more than 50 percent in one hectare crop, Rs 37,500 for loss of cow-buffalo, Rs 4,000 for sheep-goat, Rs 20 Thousand for heifer (she-calf) and Rs 100 each for cock-hen loss relief amount will be given.

He said assistance will also be given for damage to houses.

Chouhan said that farmers should not be worried at all. The date of loan recovery of the affected farmers will not only be extended, but the interest will also be paid by the government and loans will be given at zero percent interest for the next crop as well.

The Chief Minister said that the date for purchase of crops on support price will also be extended. Rs 56 thousand will be provided for the marriage of the daughters of the affected farmer families under the Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana.

Chouhan said that he knows what the farmer goes through. Not only their hard work, but their lives along with fertilizers, seeds, fertilizers, medicines have also come under threat. Farmers should not worry at all.

He said we will take our farmers out of the crisis. He said that the Revenue, Agriculture and Panchayat Department’s team is surveying.

It is the responsibility of the Collector-Commissioner to complete the proceedings on time, so that the affected farmers can be given quick relief amount.

CM hugs and comforts the farmers

Chouhan on Tuesday took stock of the hailstorm-affected villages and fields in Gulabganj tehsil of Vidisha district.

In village Patwarikhedi, the Chief Minister spoke to the farmers whose wheat crop was damaged including Komal Bai and Raghuveer Singh Dangi and farmers Vijay Singh Dangi and Keel Singh whose lentil crop was affected.

The Chief Minister reached the farms of wheat crop affected farmers Ramvati Singh, Jeet Singh, Virendra Singh, Narayan Singh, Krishanpal Singh, gram crop affected farmers Kishan Singh and farmers of Moodraganesh village Indresh and Netram and took stock of the damage to their crops.

He hugged the farmers and consoled them assuring that maximum compensation would be given for their losses.

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