MP: devotees perform Mahaarti of Maa Narmada with 11000 lamps in Narela

On the call of Medical Education Minister Vishwas Kailash Sarang, on the eve of Narmada Jayanti, thousands of people reached Narmada Parikrama Park in Ashoka Garden with lamps in their hands. During this aarti of Maa Narmada was performed with 11 thousand lamps. 

This occasion was of Maa Narmada’s Mahaarti and Bhajan evening on Friday evening, on the eve of Narmada Jayanti. The process of gathering of devotees had started here from the evening itself. In the presence of Minister Sarang, recitation of Narmada Ashtakam started with Swasti-Vachan. Thousands of Narela residents sang praise of Mother Narmada in one voice “Tvadiya Pad Pankajam…Namami Devi Narmade”, the atmosphere became mellow. Mayor Mrs. Malti Rai was present in the program.

It is our good fortune that Mother Narmada resides in every house of Narela.

Minister Sarang said that before the year 2008, there was a severe water crisis in the Narela assembly. The citizens of the area had to depend on water tankers for drinking water. Then he took a pledge to deliver Narmada water to every house in Narela. This resolution was fulfilled with the cooperation of the public. Today it is our good fortune that Mother Narmada resides in every house of Narela. He said that Mother Narmada has quenched the thirst of the people of the area by freeing Narela from water crisis, it is everyone’s duty to express our gratitude to Mother Narmada.

Thousands of devotees reached Narmada Parikrama Park by walking

On the call of Minister Sarang, for the last 3 days, in all the 17 wards under the Narela Vidhansabha, an urn was collecting Narmada water from house to house. On the other hand, on the eve of Maa Narmada Jayanti, thousands of devotees reached Ashoka Garden Narmada Parikrama Park, the main event venue, after walking from their respective wards. All were carrying urns and lamps in their hands. The Pad Yatras reached with DJ, Dhol-Manjirs, the atmosphere became completely devotional with the tune of Mangal-songs. Along with pouring Narmada water from urns on the statue of Maa Narmada, the crowd started proclaiming Narmada Har. At the same time, devotees danced on the hymns of Maa Narmada in the Bhajan Sandhya. Minister Mr. Sarang thanked the citizens present in thousands by showering flowers for their participation in the Maha Aarti.

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