MP : Food Safety Administration to hotels & ors. use LPG instead of tandoor to prepare eatables

The Jabalpur office of State Food Safety Administration has instructed the restaurants, hotels, Barat ghars to minimise use of tandoor instead use cooking gas (LPG) to prepare roti and other eatables.

The reasons given by the authorities to replace tandoor with cooking gas (LPG) is firstly tandoor cause air pollution due to the smoke emission on burning coal and secondly carbondioxide gas emits on burning coal that gets stuck in eatables – roti or any other item on consumption it might affect health, said Pankaj Shrivastava district food safety officer, Jabalpur.

The instruction was issued on January 18, 2023.

There are over 150 hotels/restaurants/marriage halls in Jabalpur district those use tandoor to prepare eatables.

Presently the focus is on the urban area and a review meeting will be held on February 6, 2023 to assess the compliance and to hear the grievance of the hotels and others, the official said.

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