There should be no negligence in survey of corps damage of hailstorm : MP Revenue Minister tells officers

The survey of crops damaged due to hailstorm and rain should be done soon, MP Minister for Revenue and Transport Govind Singh Rajput instructs the officers.

He asked the officers there should be no negligence.

Due to heavy rains, storms and heavy hailstorms, there has been heavy damage to the crops of the farmers, he said.

Rajput instructed all the Divisional Commissioners, Collectors and Tehsildars and Patwaris of the state to conduct on the spot inspection of the crops.

Rajput said that the farmers whose crops were damaged due to heavy rains and hailstorm should not worry, the government is with them.

Adequate compensation will be given to all the farmers for their crops, he said.

Rajput has instructed the officers to reach the spot and conduct the survey.

Rajput urged the farmers to be patient, the government is with you.

Adequate compensation will be given to the farmers for the damaged crops, he said.

For some time, the crops of the farmers have been destroyed due to hailstorm and rain in the entire state, about which the government is serious and soon the compensation amount will be provided to all the farmers, the Revenue minister said.

Under any circumstances, the BJP government will not allow the farmers to be troubled, he said.

In another development, Kotwars are the foundation stone of Revenue Department, Rajput said.

Revenue Minister meet the agitating Kotwars and assured to resolve their demands.

Kotwar is the foundation stone of the revenue department, as well as the first link of the revenue department, he said.

The role of Kotwars in the works of the department cannot be denied, he said.

They work closely with the revenue staff and police administration in the village, he said.

I believe that you people have got the opportunity to work and should also work, he said.

Revenue and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput said these things during the meeting with the agitating Kotwars members of the Madhya Pradesh Kotwar Sangh at the Central Library Ground.

Appealing to the Kotwars to end the sit in, Rajput said there are three types of arrangements for the Kotwars in the state.

Some have good land to earn their livelihood, some have less land and some have no land at all, he said.

The Chief Minister has sensitive attitude and caring for the Kotwars, he said.

We will soon call a conference of the Kotwars on behalf of the government, where they will present their point of view to the Chief Minister regarding the various demands of the Kotwars, Rajput said.

Rajput said you should be sure that every possible effort will be made from my side to fulfill all the legitimate demands.

Appealing to end the dharna that has been going on for 11 days, Revenue and Transport Minister Rajput said Kotwars should be sure that their demands have reached the right place, so everyone should return to their place after ending this strike.

Cooperate in the assessment of hailstorm
Addressing the Kotwars, Rajput said that farmers are troubled due to untimely rains and hailstorms in the state at this time.

He said you should continuously cooperate with the revenue staff in this work.

He said that Kotwars are aware of everything in the village, so the message should not go that we are non-cooperating with the farmers in times of distress.

Salary received at collector rate: Yadav
Addressing the conference, M.P. President of Kotwar Sangh Harveer Singh Yadav said that 36 thousand, 650 Kotwars are employed in Madhya Pradesh. Declaring all Kotwars as government employees, they should be given salary at collector rate. Ownership rights of Bhumiswami should be given to service landholder Kotwars.

Yadav said the post of Kotwar should not be abolished in urban areas, as well as in rural areas, if there is more than one post of Kotwar, that post should be kept unchanged.

Priority should be given in appointment to Kotwars already employed on the basis of merit in the vacant posts in the Revenue Department, he appealed.

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