MP News: Sehore became the number-1 district of MP, people are getting great relief from CM helpline, know the condition of Jabalpur-Chhindwara

In Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), on May 20, a ranking was released in the case of disposal of complaints in the CM Helpline. In this ranking, out of all 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh, Sehore, the home district of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has got the first position, while Jabalpur (Jabalpur) at number two and Chhindwara (Chhindwara) at number three. Is.

In Sehore district, in the month of April, the total weightage score of 7854 complaints of CM Helpline was 86.23. In Sehore district, 50 percent complaints of CM Helpline were resolved satisfactorily. Collector Praveen Singh kept motivating and guiding all the officers for quick and satisfactory redressal of the complaints of the CM Helpline. Collector Singh regularly reviewed the cases of CM Helpline every day. At the same time, he got the officers to settle the complaint satisfactorily by establishing quick communication with the beneficiaries.

This is how the complaints were resolved satisfactorily
From last month, collector Praveen Singh used to review the disposal of CM helpline cases daily. Along with this, department-wise, district-wise and tehsil-wise CM helplines were reviewed in every TL meeting. During the review, Collector Singh used to quickly solve the difficulties faced by the officers in disposal of cases, as a result of which the district came first in the state.

CM Shivraj’s strictness also affected
Under the guidance of Collector Singh, serious efforts were made by the departmental officers for satisfactory settlement of the complaints of CM Helpline. The officials related to the complaints made constant contact to know the problems of the beneficiaries and resolved them satisfactorily. Tell that to settle the complaints of CM Helpline, the officials of the concerned departments went to the field and met the complainants. Listened to their problems and resolved their complaints.