MP : State cabinet takes decision to give equal rights to daughters in compassionate appointment

A meeting of the Cabinet was held at Mantralaya under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today. Decision was taken by the Council of Ministers that after the death of R.S. Rathore, Additional Director, Economics and Statistics on April 19, 2021 due to Corona infection, his married daughter Shraddha Malvi, despite non-eligiblity, should be given compassionate appointment considering it a special case in the sequence of the decision of the High Court, Bench, Indore, on humanitarian grounds.

In the provisions of the order related to compassionate appointment issued by the General Administration Department on September 29, 2014, a policy based decision was also taken by the Council of Ministers that both sons and daughters have equal rights for compassionate appointment, even if the daughters are married. In this regard, necessary amendments should be made in the General Administration Department policy.

Suraj Policy-2023 approved in the interest of homeless and economically weaker sections

According to the announcement made by Chouhan, the Council of Ministers will make proper use of the government land freed from encroachment by the district administration as a resource for the homeless, economically weaker sections (EWS) and construct necessary infrastructure works and community facilities along with housing construction in Suraj Colony for them.

The Cabinet approved the Suraj Policy-2023 for the construction of housing for the homeless, weaker sections (EWS) on the land available after freeing from the encroachment of government lands, on the lines of the Re-densification Policy-2022 in order to raise proper financial resources for the construction of Suraj Colony and to ensure the development of the said plots in the urban area with a consistent and suitable density. Colonies can also be developed in place of multi-storeyed residential pattas up to 450 square feet in small cities.

CM’s Milching Cattle Supply Programme for Special Backward Tribes

A budget provision of Rs 150 crore has been made by the Council of Ministers in the Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department for the year 2022-23 under the ‘Chief Minister’s Animal Husbandry Development Scheme’.

The Chief Minister’s Milching Cattle Supply Programme was included in the Animal Husbandry Development Scheme to implement the pilot project to connect the special backward tribes of the state, especially the Baiga tribe, with animal husbandry and to provide milching cattle to the beneficiaries.

The objective of the programme is to provide new employment opportunities to the special backward tribes of the state by linking them with animal husbandry. After the implementation of the programme, special backward tribes of the state will get new employment opportunities. Along with this, complete nutritional food will be received in the form of milk. Under the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, amendments have been made in the approved component ‘Chief Minister’s Milching Cattle Supply Programme’ for special backward tribes included in the Chief Minister’s Animal Husbandry Development Scheme approved by the Cabinet earlier.

Now in this scheme, Sahariya and Bhariya special backward tribes have also been included along with the Baiga tribe in the Chief Minister’s Milching Cattle Supply Programme. Along with the unit of milch cow, the unit of milch buffalo was also included in the programme. In view of inclusion of milch buffalo in the programme along with milch cow, the name of the scheme was changed from ‘Chief Minister’s Milching Cow Supply Programme’ to ‘Chief Minister’s Milching Cattle Supply Programme for Special Backward Tribes’.

Pumped Hydro Storage Project

The Cabinet approved the development of storage-based projects in the New and Renewable Energy Policy-2022 implemented in the state from last year.

In this series, the Council of Ministers decided to implement the pumped hydro storage projects and carry out the tender process. With this decision, the continuity of energy obtained from renewable energy projects will be ensured and grid stability will also be benefitted.

Approving the plan proposed by the Department of New and Renewable Energy for the development of pumped hydro projects in the state, the department was authorised to make detailed guidelines/ amendments/ clarifications.

161 crore 95 lakh sanctioned for the expansion of State Data Centre

According to the recommendation of the Empowered Committee constituted by the Cabinet under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, the total project expenditure for the expansion, operation and installation of the new Disaster Recovery Site at the National Data Centre Bhubaneswar and augmentation of the currently installed hardware and software is 161 Crore 95 lakh rupees which has been approved.

The State Data Centre was established in Bhopal in the year 2012 under the National e-Governance Plan, ensuring an integrated, secure and uninterrupted system of data hosting and data management of various departments in the state.

This centre is being ensured to provide hosting services for IT applications while maintaining the data of various departments of the state government. Along with this, a new disaster recovery site is to be set up at National Data Centre Bhubaneswar, which will be in co-location mode. Technical control over this will be of MPSEDC.

The State Data Centre is being updated with a capacity of 3000 core CPU, 1024 TB storage and 6 smart racks. With the upgradation of State Data Centre, it will be installed in less space with latest technology, high capacity, cloud automation technology and the services of State Data Centre will be available to the departments with more technical capacity.

Creation of 20 posts for the examination cell of the High Court

The Cabinet approved the creation of 20 posts for the examination cell of the High Court, Jabalpur as per the proposal of the High Court. These posts include the posts of Additional Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Personal Assistant, Stenographer, Accountant, Translator, System Analyst, Computer Programmer, System Administrator, Console Operator, Telephone Operator, Driver and Peon.

Other decisions

In view of the increasing number of nursing colleges and schools in the state and the increase in the number of nursing students, the Cabinet approved the creation of 37 new posts for the smooth functioning of the duties of the Madhya Pradesh Nurses Registration Council.

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