MP: State Govt. is concern with all crop affected villages and districts due to hailstrom

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that every affected village and district will be taken care of.

He said the crops have been damaged due to hailstorm and untimely rains. 

Prime Minister Modi has been informed about the damage caused to the crops. 

Farmer brothers and sisters are in trouble and trouble, but they should not worry and should not consider themselves alone. 

The state government is with them in this hour of crisis. I promise to get everyone affected out of this crisis. 

Chouhan gave this message to the farmers through media representatives after planting saplings in the garden at Shyamala Hills before going on a tour of the hailstorm affected areas.

Chouhan said that after seeing the condition of hailstorm affected districts, he will talk to the farmers. 

The damage caused to the crops will be assessed and the loss will be compensated. Along with the relief amount, farmers will also be given the benefit of crop insurance scheme. 

Every affected village and district will be taken care of.

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