MP : State Govt. will not let tears come in eyes of farmers affected by hailstorm

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached village Rusalla in Bina tehsil of Sagar district on Tuesday and inspected the farmers’ fields damaged by hailstorm. He saw the damaged crops in the field of farmer Virendra Patel. 

The Chief Minister consoled the farmers of village Rusalla and said that the State Government was with them in this hour of crisis. The state government will not allow tears to come in the eyes of the farmers in this period of crisis. 

Chouhan instructed the commissioner and collector to conduct a survey of the damaged crops with complete authenticity and honesty and paste the list of affected people in the panchayat office. 

Chouhan said that those farmers who have objection or want to make any amendment, they can get it done.

Chouhan said that due to unseasonal rains and hailstorm in 20 districts of the state, there has been extensive damage to the crops of the farmers. Crops have also been damaged in Khurai, Narayawali, Bina areas of Sagar district. 

He said that the compensation amount would be given after the survey by a joint team of Agriculture, Revenue and Panchayat Department. 

The Chief Minister told the farmers that don’t let your heart hurt and don’t let tears come in your eyes, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is with you.

Chouhan inspected the sprouted wheat and gram crop after reaching another field as well. 

He asked the farmers to be patient in this hour of crisis. 

Our farmers work hard day and night, shed blood and sweat, then after a lot of difficulty the crop is ready, he said. 

He said farmers are happy when the crop is ready. Due to hailstorm, the hopes of the farmers get bleak. 

The Chief Minister said that he is standing with the farmers in the hour of crisis. 

An amount of Rs 32,000 per hectare will be given in case of crop loss of more than 50 percent of wheat, gram and lentils. The work of crop insurance will also go on simultaneously. 

Madhya Pradesh government will give relief amount which is not available in any other state. 

The Chief Minister instructed to get the survey of crops done through satellite as well.

Chouhan said that there has been loss of life due to lightning, his family will be given financial assistance of Rs 4 lakh. Rs 37,000 will be given for the death of a cow-buffalo, Rs 4,000 for the death of a sheep-goat and Rs 100 for the death of a chicken-hen. 

The loan recovery will also be postponed for farmers whose crops have been damaged due to hailstorm, he said. 

Along with this, the government will also pay the interest for the next year. 

He said that such efforts would be made that they could get loans again at zero percent interest. 

He said farmers whose daughters are to be married due to hailstorm will be given funds for marriage under the Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana. 

He said hail-affected farmers who could not register for minimum support price, the portal will be opened for them again and registration will be done. 

This arrangement will be for all the 20 hailstorm-affected districts of the state, he said. 

The Chief Minister told the collector that after the survey, the assessment should be done with full honesty. 

He said farmers should be given compensation for losses and relief from crop insurance. 

Bina MLA Mahesh Rai, District Panchayat President Hira Singh Rajput, public representative officers and farmer brothers were present.

Banjara families will get residential lease and pure drinking water

While returning to Bhopal from Bina, 51 Banjara family members living near the refinery met Chouhan and told him their problems. 

Chouhan instructed the Divisional Commissioner and the Collector that all Banjara families should be given pattas under the Chief Minister’s Land Housing Scheme and also solve their drinking water problem.

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