MPERC allows to increase power tariff by 1.65%

The Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC) on Tuesday released the Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) and Retail Supply Tariff Order for financial year 2023-24.

As per the retail supply tariff order of the MPERC, the DISCOMs have projected Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) of Rs. 49,530 crore for FY 2023-24, with a revenue gap of Rs. 1,537 crore at existing tariff and proposed to recover this gap through a tariff hike of 3.20% on existing tariff.

The DISCOMs have also submitted true-up Petition for FY 2021-22, claiming revenue gap of Rs. 3,276 crore. However, after prudence check, the Commission has allowed revenue gap of Rs. 1,648 crore only, the order stated.

The Commission has determined ARR of Rs. 48,993 crore for FY 2023-24, which includes claims for true ups decided so far. Thus the Commission has allowed a total revenue gap of Rs. 795 crore at existing tariff which is to be met by increasing the tariff by 1.65% only.

Some of the highlights of the orders are –

Minimum Charges for Domestic Consumers (LV-1 ) have been abolished.

Tariff for Low Voltage non-domestic category of consumers (LV-2) and Industrial category of consumers (LV-4) has not been changed.

No metering charges are levied.

Incentive for advance payment for LT and HT Consumer category has been linked with annual
interest rate of working capital.

A separate tariff category is introduced for Metro Rail (HV-9) to facilitate Metro Rail operation in
the State.

Tariff for E-vehicles / E-rickshaw charging stations (LV-6/HV-8) has been modified from Two-
Part Tariff to Single Part tariff.

Peak and off peak period ToD slots have been specified to facilitate banking of Green energy.

The Commission has separately determined Green Energy Charges/Tariff and Modalities for two
types of Green Energy transactions as follows:
• Green Energy Charges and Modalities for consumers availing Green Energy from
Distribution Licensee for the purpose of reducing their carbon footprint and seeking
Certification to this effect.
• Tariff for Green Energy and Modalities for consumers availing Green Energy from
Distribution Licensee as per MPERC (Co-generation and generation of electricity
from Renewable sources of energy) Regulations, 2021 and amendments thereof.
Rebates in this order

To incentivise Domestic category consumers, there will be rebate of 0.50% for online bill payment without any ceiling.

Rebate / Incentives shall be available for new and existing HT/EHT connections, conversion of existing LT Industrial/Non-domestic connection to corresponding HT connection, captive power plant consumers and Open Access Consumers as detailed in Tariff Order.

Rebates / Incentives shall be available for pre-paid metering, advance bill payments, prompt bill payments, online payment, Load Factor, Power Factor and TOD as detailed in the Tariff Order.

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