MPHRC takes action into suffering of MLA Lodhi for half-an-hour due to non -availability of oxygen cylinders at health centre Pawai, Panna

The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC) on Tuesday has taken cognizance of a media report regarding local MLA Prahlad Lodhi allegedly suffered for half-an-hour due to non-availability of oxygen cylinder in the Community Health Centre Pawai.

This happened because oxygen cylinders were not available at the Community Health Center in Pawai.

The MLA was referred to Panna by installing an oxygen cylinder from the ambulance. In the matter, the Commission has summoned the Chief Medical and Health Officer, Panna.

Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission chairman Manohar Mamtani and member Rajeev Kumar Tandon have taken suo motu cognizance in nine cases including the suffering of the local MLA Prahlad Lodhi in hospital due to non availability of oxygen.

The other case in which suo motu cognizance was taken was the one related to senior citizens whose pension accounts are not transfered to bank branch close to the residents as they have to go to distance of 5-10 kilometers to withdraw pension.

The Commission has sought reply from the concerned authorities in these matter.

The Commission has taken cognizance of a media report about more than 600 elderly pensioners of Bhopal city being forced to go to a bank five to ten km far from their residential area to withdraw pension amount.

These senior citizens have been demanding for a long time to transfer their bank accounts to the nearest branch, but they are unheard.

The Municipal Corporation says that if there is such a problem, the process to transfer their bank accounts of the elderly to the nearest branch of their area will be initiated.

In the matter, the Commission has sought a report from the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Bhopal after investigating the matter on two issues in two weeks, the press communique of Commission said. The commission has said that 01. From which bank branch are the residents/beneficiaries of Roshanpura, Bagh Farhat Afza, Karound and Kolar getting old age pension? Clarify the number of beneficiaries, area wise and the bank branch related to them. 02. Also send the report of the action taken to solve the mentioned problem.

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