Narmada Prasad Prajapati becomes Madhya Pradesh Speaker

Congress MLA Narmada Prasad Prajapati was elected as the 15th Assembly Speaker of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. Prajapati was elected to the post of ex-boycott by the main Opposition party for not presenting the proposal for the name of his party candidate for the post of Assembly Speaker. In the meantime, the proceedings of the house were also interrupted twice due to the ruckus, and for the third time the proceedings began, the former Chief Minister Shivraj Chauhan shouted slogans in the House.

On the second day of the Assembly session on Tuesday morning, the proceedings of the House began on 11 o’clock, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr. Govind Singh submitted a proposal to Congress nominee Narmada Prasad Prajapati to be the president, whose backward class and minority welfare minister Arif Akeel supported. After this, three other MLAs presented three different proposals and they were supported in favor of Prajapati. After this, the BJP sought permission to name party MLA Kunwar Vijay Shah for the post of president, but Promoter Speaker Deepak Saxena did not give permission to say that first resolution of the first resolution would be resolved.

BJP members called it the killing of democracy and sloganeering to the post of Assembly Speaker. After this, the Proteem Speaker adjourned the proceedings of the House for 10-10 minutes twice in the House. When the proceedings of the house began for the third time, the BJP chief under the leadership of former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan went to the post of chairman and then started slogan ‘Stop the killing of democracy’.

Meanwhile, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said, “The name of a senior tribal leader was not allowed to be proposed. This is an insult to democracy and the House. We boycott the House. ‘ Between the exit of BJP legislators, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Govind Singh said, “Opposition also has to keep its proposal. They do not have a majority. Wake up to hide your weakness. Come to the House and keep your offer. We are ready for voting. ‘ After this, Chief Minister Kamal Nath told the Proteem Speaker that the speaker should start the election.

‘Yes did win, no defeat’

After this Prostem speaker said, ‘Speaker should be selected. Which are in favor of the proposal, say yes. ‘ There was a voice from the Congress, BSP, SP and Independent MLAs present there on this, after which the Proteem Speaker said, ‘Do not say that which is not in the favor.’ No one’s voice comes from the House. Proteem speaker said, ‘Yes, it has won. Neither was lost. ‘

After this BSP MLA Sanjeev Singh said, ‘vote should be divided.’ After this Promoting Speaker accepting the demand of Sanjeev Singh said, ‘Decision will be made by division. Those who are in favor of the proposal should go to the lobby to vote towards my right hand and those who are in the opposition should go to the lobby towards my left hand. ‘ After that all the members went to the lobby on the right hand side.

After partition, the Proteem Speaker said, “120 votes have been cast in favor of the proposal.” There is no vote in opposition. Do not hold more than half. So the proposal was approved. Therefore, the second proposal will not be taken (for the post of president). ‘ After this, Promoting Speaker congratulated Narmada Prasad Prajapati on being elected, he invited him to the post of President and sat on the Prajapati posture.