New education policy gives ample scope for employment : MP Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav

Higher Education Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that with the new education policy, education will no longer be a ritual but will help in making the lives of the youth meaningful in true sense. By marching ahead on the path of progress, the youth will participate in nation building. 

Yadav was addressing a one-day workshop on National Education Policy 2020 and Madhya Pradesh Youth Policy at Narmada College in Narmadapuram district on Monday.

Dr. Yadav said that with the education policy and youth policy, now the youth of the state will be able to move ahead in the field of their interest by setting their goals during primary education itself. Now the bachelor’s degree will not become a ritual but a medium to imbibe useful education. He said that seminars are being organized in all the divisions of the state regarding the new education policy. Due to this, the work of communicating directly with the students is being done to get information about the utility of the education policy and to solve their queries. Such workshop will also be done at district level and college level. He said that the college should play the role of knowledge yagya.

Dr. Yadav said that the curriculum will be taught to the children, incorporating the life struggle and sacrifice of the brave revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for India’s independence. With this, children will be inspired by reading the revolutionary history of brave great men.

Communication with children

In the workshop, Dr. Yadav resolved their queries by discussing one-to-one with the children. Student Harsh Verma asked how the new education policy would be helpful in strengthening rural education. In reply, Minister Dr. Yadav told that there will be no age barrier in the new education policy. Farmers, old people, all will be able to get educated. On the lines of Open University, students who have taken drop from institutions like Bhoj and Indira Gandhi University will also be able to complete their education. Now students will be able to do degree in two courses simultaneously. Credit system will be applicable instead of number system for passing. Now a person can complete his studies at any age and from any corner. Environment will not become a hindrance.

Student Premlata Saini asked how the education policy would be beneficial in the field of employment and training. Yadav told that along with employment in the new education policy, there will be ample opportunities for self-employment to the youth. Student Pooja Goswami asked what is new in the education policy for poor students who leave their studies midway due to lack of books. Yadav told that today there is no such student who does not have the availability of all accessible books. Along with this, many other platforms like education portal are being operated continuously for digital learning. Due to this, children are being educated by various experts not only from the state but also from the country. Student Anshika Gupta asked that today UPSC, There is a great need of coaching classes to succeed in competitive exams like MPPSC etc. But financially weak students are unable to do this type of coaching classes. What arrangements have been made for such students. In reply, Minister Dr. Yadav said that free coaching classes will be conducted for all the students for the preparation of competitive examinations at the college level.

Yadav released the booklet “Nai Shiksha Nai Udaan” focusing on the important points of the new education policy. He also inaugurated an e-education portal focused on more than 1600 content in more than 40 subjects. Along with this, he also released various booklets focused on Hindi literature. Minister Dr. Yadav honored the students who excelled in sports, NCC, NSS and various fields by giving them certificates and shields.

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