Newly appointed police constables should never forget dignity of uniform – MP CM Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the face of Madhya Pradesh Police is one of sensitivity, bravery, patriotism and discipline. Never let it get weaken, this is the asset which has earned Madhya Pradesh Police a special place in the country. Today the youths who are wearing the police uniform, it is not an ordinary uniform. This uniform is for the security of the country and the state, to destroy the criminals, to give strength to the weak, to crush the criminals and to assist the gentlemen. Never forget its limits and never let it get tarnished. It is your responsibility to maintain the honour of your mother’s and Mother India’s milk. Exhorting new constables, move forward on the path of your duty with enthusiasm, passion and zeal.

Chief Minister Chouhan was addressing the appointment certificate distribution and orientation programme to newly appointed 06 thousand constables at Rakshit Kendra, Nehru Nagar Bhopal today. Chief Minister Chouhan was welcomed by showering flowers with the sound of bugle and band. CM Chouhan inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp. Constables of Madhya Pradesh Police presented the Madhya Pradesh Anthem. Chief Minister Chouhan showered flowers on the new constables as a symbol of his blessings and best wishes. All the 6000 new constables greeted Chief Minister Chouhan with thunderous applause. On behalf of the new constables, Raksha Solanki of Khargone and Akash Kushwaha, posted in Niwari, shared their views regarding selection in the police and their goals. CM Chouhan symbolically gave appointment letters to 5 new constables.

Madhya Pradesh Police has a glorious history

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the new constables have been selected through a transparent process on the basis of their hard work, dedication, ability and conscientiousness, for which you deserve congratulations. Police work is not just a job, it is also a pledge of patriotism and public service. Madhya Pradesh Police has a glorious history. Madhya Pradesh Police had a remarkable contribution in driving out the Kabalis (tribes) in Kashmir, action in Hyderabad and liberation of Goa. Madhya Pradesh Police has played an effective role in suppressing anti-national activities taking place in any corner of the country. Be it freeing the state from the terror of dacoits or curbing naxalite activities, the Madhya Pradesh Police has discharged its national responsibilities by staying on the path of duty. It is the fortune of the new constables that they are becoming a part of this glorious tradition.

Police constables should be aware and vigilant about all the activities of their beat

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the image of the new constables will be built according to the work done by them. Our character is our asset. Madhya Pradesh Police means gentler than flower for gentlemen and tougher than thunderbolt for wicked and criminals. As a police constable it is your duty to be aware of all the activities of your beat and the people there. New constables should avoid befriending those indulging in illegal activities in your beat, this caution and vigilance is necessary for the discharge of your duty. The new constables have to instill the confidence that you are the saviour of the public. Madhya Pradesh Police showed its sensitivity during Simhastha and Covid period. In the difficult times of Covid, police constables risked their lives and served the public and some policemen even laid down their lives in the line of duty.

Image is built through hard work, authenticity and honesty

While orienting the new constables, Chief Minister Chouhan said that team spirit is essential for better work. Our image is built by hard work, authenticity and honesty. Those who play with the lives of the public, people of criminal tendency should not be spared under any circumstances, the state government is with you. The effort of every new constable should be that the people of the place where he is posted should give examples of his working. While exhorting the new constables to use modern technology in their work, the Chief Minister said that an institutional arrangement has been made to keep the police personnel stress-free and to give them time-bound leave.

It is necessary to pay attention to fitness for the discharge of your obligations

Chief Minister Chouhan said that it is necessary for constables to pay attention to fitness for discharging their duties. It is necessary to maintain good behaviour with the general public, constant activism, listening to the victims with sympathy, polite behaviour towards them, patience, balance in speech and commitment to work. Through a story, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan gave a message to the new constables to have a positive attitude towards their work. CM Chouhan told the new constables to pay attention to training, serve the public, crush criminals, fulfill their duty and move up on the ladder of success. I am also your well wisher and guardian.

Develop such feelings so that the society feels itself in safe hands: Home Minister

Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra said that for the first time in the history of the country, appointment letters are being distributed by the Chief Minister after the recruitment of such a large number of police constables. Our Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has done this innovation in the state and has given a message to those who used to say that we will give employment and unemployment allowance to the youth. There is Shivraj government in Madhya Pradesh, which did what it said. Our sensitive Chief Minister Chouhan always cares for all the sections of the society all the time and follows the words of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the best way.

Home Minister Dr. Mishra said that Madhya Pradesh Police has changed its image. In the Corona period, by serving the citizens day and night and providing security to them, new paradigms of sensitivity have been established. The State Government honoured more than 39 thousand jawans as Corona Warriors. Out-of-turn promotions were given by the state government to encourage the police officers and constables who suppressed the Naxalites by going to Balaghat. The state government implemented a new tradition in the state by making constables as head constables, head constables as ASIs, ASIs as SIs, SIs as TIs and TIs as acting SDOPs in the police department. Along with this, innovations like e-FIR were also done to replace the woolen cap which was prevalent since the British era.

Home Minister Dr. Mishra while boosting the morale of the new constables, encouraged them to work for the society with good feelings, good deeds and good words and to develop a new image of Madhya Pradesh Police in the country. He said that all of you are the strong stones of the foundation of Madhya Pradesh on which Chief Minister Shri Chouhan is building a developed, self-reliant and philanthropice Madhya Pradesh.

Be dedicated to protecting the common man with human values

Director General of Police Sudhir Saxena while congratulating the new constables on joining the police family expressed the hope that the new constables will remain dedicated to protecting the common man with their human values.

Chief Minister Chouhan visited the exhibition focused on police training, special provisions made for the safety of women and children, awareness to prevent cybercrime and other topics at the venue. The vote of thanks was proposed by Additional Director General of Police Sanjeev Shami. Bhopal Mayor Malti Rai, Additional Chief Secretary Home Dr. Rajesh Rajoura along with officials and a large number of police constables were present in the programme.

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