No relief for IFS officer denied promotion by Chhattisgarh CS

Indian Forest Services officer Anoop Bhalla who accused Chhattisgarh Chief Secretary Vivek Dhand of scuttling his promotion in 2015, expressed anguish over reply by the Centre in context of his correspondence regarding the matter.
The Union Forest and Environment ministry in reply to Bhalla said that it is the state government which has to take decision and writing several times to the office is of no use.
No relief for IFS officer denied promotion by Chhattisgarh CS
1980 batch IFS officer Bhalla said that the reply by the ministry has shattered his hopes of getting justice as he does not know where to appeal. Bhalla also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office.
Anoop Bhalla alleged that he is being implicated falsely in a corruption case so that he can be denied promotion.
He said that the inquiry is farce as a chargesheet was issued to him in 2014 for a case of alleged financial irregularity in 2010 in which 18 other officials were also involved but only he was being penalised by being denied promotion.
Bhalla said that in 2014, his junior Anil Boaz was promoted as the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) instead of him. He claimed that he was the most eligible person for the post as he possessed both educational qualification and experience.
Meanwhile, Chief Secretary Vivek Dhand refused to comment on the issue.